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Freshmened Out

I finally have a moment of peace where I can just sit down and update my blog post. From move in to my first two days of classes, it's been a pretty crazy week. I can't believe that only a week ago I was moving it, it feels so much longer, in a good way that is.

Well, I'm all moved in and freshmened out. There have been so many meetings and freshman activities this past week I am just ready to get started. The drive back from the lodge went smoothly, as did move in. I'm so glad I was able to request my roommate, as the awkward introductions and agreements had already passed. We have such a cool room too. Two coffee machines, a flat screen, minifridge, microwave, printer, and even a fish tank. David and I have pretty similar personalities and work ethic, so I feel like we're a good fit. I got to meet the rest of the freshmen team, and I am so glad I ended up on this team. We are so similar and they are a good group to be with, it's going to be a good year.

McCall (see some photos below) was way too much fun. The bus ride was gorgeous and I got to meet a lot of really cool freshmen. When we got there, 5 other swimmers and myself found a room and threw our stuff in there; needless to say that was a little crowded, but it added to the experience.

The ice breaker activities were a little cheesy but helpful in learning about my floormates. After the initial greeting and planned activities, we mainly played beach volleyball, which got pretty competitive, and then we went swimming. But because we are swimmers, and a little different, we decided to go in our speedo's, which apparently worked to our favor, but I won't go into detail about that. Questions in the dark was really cool, especially when the guys in the speedo's got a shout out.The midnight swim was fun, but really cold, and once again, we had to rock the speedo. The team builing activities the next day were really fun, and it allowed us to get to know more about each other. The bus ride back was fairly quiet, as we were all pretty exhausted. 

My first two days of classes were farly laid back. They mainly consisted of the professors introducing themselves and going over the class syllabus. I never knew that a professor would give you assignment dates the day class starts. It's extremey helpful, but at the same time makes me feel underwater all ready. Luckily, I have finished up all my homework assigned this past week. All my professors seem really nice and serious about learning. I think my first year seminar class, "Guns and Violence," will be really interesting and relevant. Dr. Draper seems like a really nice guy too.

I'm ready to get into swim season and start classes, but I need to start going to bed earlier. Overall, it's been a pretty crazy week filled with new faces, new experiences, new friends, and good memories. I'm proud to be a part of Yote fam, and I am beyond excited for this next year.

- Blake Kaufman

Blake is a freshman biology major from Bend, Oregon.