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Subway, Spandex and Spirit

There is nothing that brings the C of I family together quite like free sandwiches. That, along with the hope that we might just see someone get hit in the face by a leather-bound canon going 50 mph and we have ourselves one exciting Saturday night.

The Lady Yotes geared up for a match against Salem, Oregon’s Corban University. The winner would be granted a lifetime subscription to Cat Fancy magazine and the loser would get…I don’t know. This joke sort of got away from me readers. I apologize. I’ll be sharper with my comedic skills next week.

The fact of the matter was, we needed that victory in order to clinch the top seat in the Cascade Conference (our 8th in a row, in case you were wondering).

If you saw my post a few week backs about the lovely ladies that composed C of I’s softball team, then you’ll remember that I have a ridiculous admiration for athletes of the female persuasion. All athletes are great, truly, it’s just that our ladies sure do know how to play a mean ballgame all the while looking like they are competing on America’s Next Top Model: We Could Probably Make You Pee Yourself From Fright Edition.

I’d like to see anyone carrying an XY chromosome spike a volleyball in spandex that short. These girls pack a punch with each hit, so much so that we in the stands could practically feel the shockwaves radiating after each contact with the ball. So could C of I’s President, Marv Henberg, who was in attendance, clapping and cheering along with the students. There were also a fair number of professors there too. It’s always weird seeing professors outside of class, since I always imagine that when they finish teaching for the day, they return to a place not unlike the Batcave where they all live, reveling in their superior intellects and protecting the city in stylish capes. Because it’s actually not that much of a stretch for my imagination to picture my 60-year old journalism professor going toe-to-toe with Bane (and winning, by the way).

While the Yotefam is a regular sight at the volleyball games, the Executive Council decided to go all out to make sure our student section was jam-packed (I’ve been told this acts as a intimidation tactic to scare our opponents). As soon as I stepped through the gate Saturday, decked-out in my finest C of I attire, I was forced to duck as I heard someone yell “Yo! Sandwich!”, only to look up and see a 6 inch Subway sandwich barreling towards me. Might I request to the administration that this is how I am greeted at all campus events, including my poetry workshop ever Wednesday? Because seriously, everything is better with a free Subway sandwich, even a three-hour class.

And it made for a nice meal for me to eat while I watched the Lady Yotes slowly and systematically beat their opponent. It was not unlike seeing a large lion go against a gazelle (in case you’ve never watched Animal Planet, just know that when that happens in nature, the gazelle never, ever walks away better for the experience).

We easily won in enough time for me to head back to my dorm and be forced to eat some humble pie for dessert as I lost yet another round of Monopoly. But that’s okay, can’t have too much of a good thing, readers.

Until next time,

Ashley A. Miller

Ashley is a Sophomore Creative Writing major from Payette, Idaho.