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Stuff POE Professors Say

A habit I have developed in my time here at C of I is writing down things that professors say. Yes, I know, everyone takes notes, but these are more random, weird and funny quotes that I will remember for a very long time.

Because I’m majoring in political economy, these are all quotes from the POE professors, but I think they’re quite hilarious. I’ve spent a lot of time collecting these (plus it makes class go a lot faster!), so here are some of my favorites:

“We are all, in other words, prostitutes.” – Hunter (he's famous for this one)

“Meetings…it’s sort of an organized stupidity.” – Angresano

“And Sarah Palin said this so you’re never going to believe it.” – LiCalzi

“Man, you can really get spiritual if you’re high on LSD.” – Hunter

“NNU is a different – no pun intended – mission.” – Angresano

“Canada! Those bastards.” – LiCalzi

“Essays: you’re measuring cost in pain and time.” – Angresano

“There’s not a big fuss about using chemical weapons on mosquitoes.” – Hunter

“If Congress has any sense, and that’s a big if…” – Angresano

“Should we bomb them? We’re good at that!” – LiCalzi

“If you’re rich you can ignore logic I guess.” – Angresano

“He felt like he had a moral obligation to steal from Wal-Mart.” – Hunter

“The conglomerates combine and they can extend their testicles. Tentacles!” – Angresano

“Prison is like grad school for criminals.” – Hunter

“What if a student missed class and we hung them out in the quad?” – Professor who doesn’t wish to be named

So take a moment and bask in the wonderful wisdom and hilarity of the professors at C of I. They really do say the funniest things (I hear that the history professors can be a great source of quotes as well). So next time you’re in class and the professor says something funny, write it down! Trust me, you’ll be glad when you laugh at it later.

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.