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Holiday Responsibility

We’re a day away from Thanksgiving, and indications include the appearance of the “Pilgrim Panini” in the Caf and an abundance of canned food drives. The C of I Thanksgiving break is only a few days long, but it’s not too much of a downer, as we’re off for Christmas break just two weeks after Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving tradition since coming to College has involved spending Thanksgiving Eve with my grandma (an alumnae of the C of I, by the way), and setting up her home in preparation for hosting Thanksgiving for my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. This year, for the first time, I’m in charge of bringing my very own dish. I’m not sure if this is the result of my having a full kitchen in my apartment, or because I’m bringing a vegetarian with me, but either way, I feel like I’m hitting a new stage of adulthood.

This new phase of adulthood conveyed to me by the responsibility of bringing a full dish got a test drive last night, during the KKG-Sigma Chi Thanksgiving dinner social. Every year, we meet up the Sigma Chis to eat a Thanksgiving dinner together and collect canned food. The Sigma Chis bring the turkeys and ham, and members of KKG supply the side dishes. In years past, I’ve diligently signed up to bring rolls. But, thanks again to that full kitchen in my apartment, I felt like I had to step it up a little. This translated to me bringing instant mashed potatoes. These seem like they would be simple, but, as I do not own a pot large enough to accommodate 36 servings of mashed potatoes, it got a little more complicated. Add to this the fact that my roommate was also trying to make 3+ potato dishes for her Kappa Alpha Theta Thanksgiving dinner at the same time, and you can imagine that things got a little messy in our kitchen. Luckily, all the potatoes issuing from our apartment turned out, and all was well.

Other semi-adult like things that have happened in the last week include my decorating for Christmas. The Village hosted a patio/balcony decorating contest for its residents, and had pretty good amount of participation. I went for a pretty low-key strategy involving some obscenely bright rope lights, candy-cane colored tinsel and glitter snowflakes, but other Village residents went all out with trees, lights, inflatables, wrapped presents, oversized stockings, ornaments, and garland. I’ve never seen the Village looking so festive before. All the Christmas lights will make for a nice return to school this Sunday, when it’s back to work for another two weeks.

From KAIC,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.