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3 Things I'm Looking Forward To: Winter Term Edition

It was certainly a straight up sprint to the finish, but my finals are all done, my last papers completed, and my mind at academic rest. That's right, folks, the Fall 2013 semester is now officially in the books, and not a moment too soon. As great as the semester was, there comes a time in every student's life that school is no longer as appealing as sleeping in until 10 AM and proceding to watch the entire first season of Lost for the fifth time. Now I can do that without feeling quite as guilty that I'm neglecting responsibilities!

Of course, now that I'm back in Meridian preparing for my first day back at Marshalls for the holiday season, I'm already wishing I was back at C of I, especially when I'm looking at a Winter Term that's bound to be one of my favorites I've had yet. Remember way back when Fall Term started and I talked about what I was excited for then? And remember how I said you should look out for another one before winter and spring terms? Now is that time, folks. Without further ado, I present 3 Things I'm Looking Forward To: Winter Term Edition.

1, My first winter term not taking an upper division course!

Yes, the thing I'm most excited for is my class schedule again. And before you all go raising torches and pitchforks, I want you to ask yourself something: if you were a student, would you rather take a writing and reading intensive history course about the French Revolution that would have you constantly working for 4 weeks straight, or a fun little introductory course on web design during that 4 weeks that is considerably less writing and reading intensive? Because I'm taking the latter this winter, and for the first time since coming to C of I, I expect my winter term to be a lot less academically taxing.

I think I mentioned in another post I made last year about winter term that everyone on campus can fall into two categories during the month of January: extremely busy or extremely relaxed (or, dare I say it, chilled). Because most students only take one major course during the 4 week winter term, their choice will either doom them to 4 weeks of scrambling to learn 12 weeks of material in a third of the time, or it will be a neat little extended vacation from the more intense classes that would normally fill their schedules. For my last two winter terms, I was in the former category--HIS-303 as a freshman and PHI-331 last year were easily two of the most difficult classes I've gone through as an undergraduate, and i took both of them during the winter term. Needless to say, taking Introduction to Web Design is hopefully going to be a major breather from all the academic stress I have the tendency to put myself through. Plus, I'm taking it with a bunch of friends of mine--I know of at least 3 people in that class that I consider myself good pals with, which should make the class even better.

Not to mention I'm spending my other 2 credits on a Jogging class and my choir classes, both of which sound like great ways to spend a 4 week term. It should be a blast!

2, New Delt responsibilities!

Near the end of fall term, I was elected Vice President of Delta Tau Delta for the year 2014. It's a huge honor that brings about a bunch more responsibilities for me to deal with, including running all of our administrative committees, preparing documentation of all of our activities to our national organization, and generally just making sure that things run smoothly in our chapter. This is a huge job, obviously, and could be considered one of the more thankless ones in our fraternity, but I'm excited to assume the office and (hopefully) lead our chapter to new heights.

Winter Term is when I'm going to be making my first actions as the newly installed VP, and while I'm a little bit afraid of letting people down, I'm going into everything extremely optimistic about the chapter's future, and I'm ready to do the best job I can possibly do for this group of men that has done so much for me over the years. It's going to be a lot of work, but since when have I shied away from massive time committments?

3, Making music with Major 6th!

See that good looking group of 6 in that picture heading this blog post? That's C of I's super awesome a capella sextet, Major 6th, and we're kind of a big deal, if I do say so myself. We've spent a lot of the holiday season so far doing a bunch of caroling gigs, including the campus tree lighting ceremony, a charity event at P.F. Chang's in downtown Boise, and more. While it looks like we're done caroling for the year now, the plans we've got lined up for the winter and spring are going to be sweet. We've been talking for a long time about experimenting with some popular music (the kind you would hear on The Sing-Off or Pitch Perfect, and winter term should be a great time to begin preparing some "rockapella" for the masses. Since most of the group is going to be preparing for the upcoming opera in the spring, I think that the sextet should provide for a nice change in stylistic pace.

Who knows? We might have gigs elsewhere soon enough. Stay tuned!

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a junior creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.