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What C of I Has to Offer to German Vampires

On Thursday nights, I usually stay in at my apartment and catch up with some reading. But yesterday, reading was dispensed with (sorry, Virgil) in favor of a 1920s German horror film at the Boise Art Museum. “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors” is the name of the vampire flick, and being from the 1920s, is a silent film. But 90+ minutes of actual silence doesn’t make for an appealing evening, so BAM commissioned C of I senior Sean Dahlman to compose a piano piece and then perform it as live accompaniment to the film. So for 90+ minutes, Sean played away at a baby grand piano while the “Symphony of Horrors” played onscreen in BAM’s largest gallery.

Sean brought out a lot of eerie music that lent itself perfectly to the black and white horror film about a blood-sucking count from Transylvania. For some of the more tense scenes, Sean left the keys entirely, put a cinderblock onto the sustaining pedal of the piano, and then plucked directly at the strings. I only know about the cinderblock because it rode back to Caldwell with my boyfriend and I after a post-performance stop with Sean for food and drink at Bardenay. And apparently 90+ minutes of playing the piano while craning to see a screen makes for a killer backache.

This vampire event was the first of a series at BAM, in conjunction with a soon-to-open exhibit of by Anna Fidler called “Vampires and Wolf Men,” (although this exhibit seems to fit pretty well too: Night Hunter and Night Hunter House
, a film and sculptural installation by Stacey Steers).

Tonight I’m snubbing Virgil again in favor of Boise, this time for Idaho Dance Theater’s Winter Performance. I’ve only got a year and half left of student discounts, and I’m trying to make the best of them. I don’t actually have to leave Caldwell (or pay any money) to get my arts fix though—there’s an opera this weekend, and a Langroise Trio Saturday night. Assuming my mythology paper is all wrapped up, I’ll probably catch the Sunday matinee of The Magic Flute.

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Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.