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The #yotefam

As I stepped up on the block, I had never had the opportunity to hear 60+ people all yelling my name. I thought it would cause my nerves to get the best of me, but it made me just that much more excited for the race.

I was nervous for the our first home swim meet, as I had the flu the week before and had been out of the water for four days, but I think having the home advantage helped me quite a bit. I've never been to a meet where more than 10 students came to watch, so having the bleachers packed was quite an experience.

With half as many swimmers as Pacific, it was pretty shocking that we lost by only one point, but I guess that can be contributed to the fact that we had eight wins on the guys side. Overall, the meet was great and I enjoyed all the student support that we had come out to watch.

My parents were able to come over and watch the meet, and afterwards, we headed up to McCall on Saturday night to stay at our friends' cabin and ski on Sunday. It was one of the greatest powder days I have had in awhile, and it was a needed escape to the mountains. The skiing was great, and a few home cooked meals really helped me feel rejuvenated.

This term so far has been interesting. I am taking Ethics, my first 300 level classes. I am not really too into the class, and there is a really heavy workload of reading and reviews. Luckily, it counts towards my Philosophy minor, and it gets one of my upper levels out of the way.

I am planning a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in the next couple of weeks. They live in Jackson Hole, Wyo., so I am sure there will be skiing involved. I will post pictures from that as soon as I get back.

- Blake Kaufman

Blake is a freshman biology major from Bend, Oregon.