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The C of It Keeps Getting Better

Spring semester 2013 was without a doubt my favorite semester at the C of I (not that any of the other semesters have been any short of awesome). I had been eagerly anticipating this semester to start because I guess I knew it was going to be a great semester. I wasn't wrong. 

I've always thought of starting a club that prepares students for the real world, but that's an ambiguous wish. So, during the Christmas break, I was thinking of ways in which to do this and I found a solution. I first imagined having a team of C of I students with knowledge in different fields, working together towards a common goal. That being the first thing typed while working towards this solution, I imagined it would be challenging and fun to have a Yotes Talent Management Team, which basically looks for opportunities for talented students and, in addition, hosts fun events at the College that will help develop people's talents.

I began writing an informal proposal for it so I had an idea of how it would work, and as soon as I got back to the College, I got enough people to be signatories for the registration process and we got the club registered. Now, I am excited that we will be recruiting pioneering members of the club as well as talented yoties, not only for their success in whatever talents they possess, but for some experience in a lot of different areas in which our projects will be centered around.

Members of the YTMT (as we call it) are going to have the opportunity to coordinate different kinds of projects for the club as well as employ different marketing strategies for different projects. We intend to get in touch with casting agencies and professionals in the entertainment world and not only learn from them, but also show them the great talents that C of I students possess. There will be a stage management team as well as a costume design team within the YTMT so that the events look professionally organized and run. We also intend to hold different fundraising events for a cause yet to be decided on once the club is up and running. 

In addition to the YTMT being registered this semester, I realized that there are quite a number of new clubs on campus, which is super cool because it means there is a lot more to do this spring. It keeps getting better. 

There is the Pre-Law Club which had its informational meeting sometime last week and I could tell that they mean serious business. There is also a new Psychology Club, a Digital Audio Recording Club and others that I may not know by name but they are there. I would encourage the YoteFam to ask around for information on these clubs since they have just been formed/reintroduced on campus; be on the look out for some fun activities and quite simply, have an amazing college experience this semester. I know I will. 

 P.S. The logo was created by our talented Creative Director Michael Vargas

- Kenny 

Keneuoe Mphutlane is a sophomore, majoring in International Political Economy, and is from Lesotho.