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There Will Be Blood

Today’s blog comes to you in three parts, readers.

Part One, guess who saved a life today?

If you guessed me, you are so very wrong and should feel ridiculously foolish about your life and your choices.

But I did help someone help save a life…and by that I mean that I gave a nametag to someone who went on to donate blood at the Blood Drive on campus today. But I’d bet my bottom dollar that that was the finest, most eloquently scribbled nametag that those people will wear this week (Maybe. I don’t pretend to know what their nametag standards are like). ALRIGHT FINE. I didn’t even make the name tags. I only handed the blank nametags to Joy (Hi Joy, if you are reading this!) while she filled in the life-saver’s sobriquet. So I technically helped someone who helped someone who helped save a life. Nobel Peace Prize material, right there. Excuse me while I call my mother and tell her that she unknowingly raised the next Mother Teresa.

So I wasn’t a hero today. But a bunch of other people were and that’s the important part. The Blood Drive went great, thanks to everyone who donated and volunteered. Unfortunately, I can’t give blood due to a freak accident I had involving gamma radiation when I was but a young gal. It’s weird.

The Blood Drive is a bi/tri/quad annual (my memory can’t ascertain the exact number of times because keeping track of all the events that happen at this school would be like Keeping Up with the Kardashians: messy, disgusting, an affront to humanity, and the reason I drink at night. Sorry, that analogy got away from me and actually makes no sense. Basically, what I meant to say is that it would suck.) event that happens on campus. It’s a whole big thing. The Red Cross is there and they are kind of like the rock star of the humanitarian world. They’re like David Bowie or Justin Timberlake, take away the microphones and guitars and add iodine and nurse’s shoes. It’s an easy way for the students to help make the world a little less horrendously awful.

Part Two, the weather. It’s tentatively getting warmer? Possibly?  Maybe? Without warning, outside temperatures here switch from “Have you seen the movie Frozen? It’s like that but not awesome,” to a little bit more like “Have you seen the movie Frozen? It’s slightly less like that and it still isn’t awesome.”

Ah, Idaho.

We had a flood warning here the other day. An actual flood warning. I was so confused because the closest thing we have to a river near here is the river of tears I cry every time I watch the “But I’m not going home. Not really,” scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (I’m a tax-paying adult, ladies and gentlemen). It turns out, it was completely uncalled for. The campus was pretty much a soupy mess for a solid three days, but no floods (insert obligatory joke about Noah and arks).

Part Three, bathrooms. For those of you who read last week’s blog and were concerned, don’t be. I found the bathrooms at my internship. It took the better part of my Monday morning, but I did it.   

So, there’s that I guess.

Until next time,

- Ashley A. Miller

Ashley is a Sophomore Creative Writing major from Payette, Idaho.