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Doom is coming...aka Midterms

As we approach midterms I feel a mingling sense of doom and excitement. Doom because, well, it’s midterms, and I have papers and tests and projects coming out of my ears. Excitement because once midterms are over, it’s Spring Break!

I am extremely excited for Spring Break this year because I was lucky enough to be chosen in the lottery to go to Moab with the Outdoor Program! A week in Moab, which will (hopefully) be considerably warmer than Caldwell, is going to be a much-needed break. I am looking forward to camping, hiking, mountain biking, bouldering, stargazing, yoga, rafting, spelunking, nature photography, and stand up paddle boarding. I love the outdoors, and Moab is especially beautiful at this time of year, so I can’t wait to put on my hiking shoes and hit the trail!

Before I let my dreams of canyons get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you about my fantastic weekend. It started out on Saturday when the Student Ambassador Council went on a retreat to climb at the BSU rock wall. Of course, I was excited because I love rock climbing, but it was really fun to see everyone who hadn’t ever rock climbed before try it out. Everyone was a really good sport, and tried climbing at least once. People were great at learning how to belay, and learned to trust each other. It was a great time, with a great group of people.

After rock climbing was done, I headed over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Boise to make some crêpes. (If you haven’t been keeping up with this blog lately, let me tell you a secret: I’m kind of obsessed with crêpes). After an exciting trip around Winco with my twelve-year-old cousin, I began cooking. And they were delicious as usual. I even ate three, which is more than I can normally eat (these crepes are French-size, not American-size; that is to say, much bigger). I hope to keep making crêpes in the future, because I definitely cannot live without them!

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.

Photo Credit: Travis Michael