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All Panicking on the Western Front


That’s the sound my brain makes when it goes into panic mood. It’s a piercing, keening noise that sounds like a moose is being strangled so unsuccessfully, he’s trying to laugh about it. So…that’s kind of where I am emotionally right now.

Everyone at C of I is entering into that “survival of the fittest” sprint towards the end of the semester and life is getting very…wuuuaaaaahhhhhgggaaag. Projects, reports, papers, tests, quizzes, our wayward hormones and the struggling with the inherent fallacy of the human condition are making us all a little frazzled. Because of that, I have literally nothing interesting to talk about to you guys, unless you want to hear me go on about the Gothic literature kickstart that shaped the 1790s (the topic of the research paper I am working on). No? You don’t? Shocking.  So, instead, I’m trying something a little bit different.

Fellow student blogger and all-around classy lady Megan Mizuta occasionally does this thing where she dissects what is in her email inbox for you guys and every time I read it, I get jealous I didn’t think to do that first. So, in the American tradition, I’m going to steal it. Sort of. I’m going to do my own semi-related version. Without further ado, let’s get started with the first annual edition of “Desk Dissection: The life and times of your average college student’s desk”, where I am going to detail the objects currently sitting on the desk in my room.

My laptop. AKA my one true love, my life partner, my moon and stars, and the reason I have to keep living.

My printer. Though we have free printing at C of I, sometimes (okay, the majority of the time) I am too lazy to put on pants and walk the few yards it would take me to get to the library, so I just print whatever I needed off in my own room.

Books. A pile of books for my assorted classes and one for my mental well-being. I found that if I have a fiction book on hand that isn’t assigned and I will in no way be tested on, it's a way to calm the moose in my brain. This particular week, I’m reading John Green’s Paper Towns.

My wallet.  College is expensive. And you never know when you will be making late-night Taco Bell stops (spoiler alert, it’s enough that if the employees didn’t see us there one night, they would probably be concerned for us). Enough said.

Boise Weekly. A copy of the latest edition of Boise Weekly, including a front page story by this incredibly talented and adorable writer named Ashley Miller. You should check her out. I hear she has a wicked way with words and happens to be as cute as a button.

Stories to edit. As someone who fancies their self a writer, I always have some story or piece that I am in the process of editing. In this week’s case, it’s a stack of them that my moose call-filled brain is stoutly trying to ignore.

A water bottle.  One of the greatest pieces of advice I can offer fellow/future college students is to buy a water bottle to carry around with you (preferably reusable because, you know, Earth is important and junk). College is stressful (see above “Moose call” description, in case you have already forgotten) and it is easy to let your health slip.

Post-Its. I am woefully forgetful, so I constantly have a series of post-its attached to surfaces of my room to remind me to do various tasks. Like a lame version of Memento or 50 First Dates.

And finally…

Star Trek (because of course I was going to mention Star Trek). I keep my Star Trek DVD box sets and mint-condition comics within arm’s reach in case I have a nightmare and need reassurance before going back to bed. Despite that, my mother wonders why I am single. Weird.

And now you know what exactly I’m hiding in the depths of room: hydration and Star Trek. I live an exciting life, readers, there is no doubt about that. I’m sorry if I have intimidated you with my coolness.

Hopefully, the wuuuuaaaaaagggaaggggg-ness of my brain will calm enough this week that I will have something much more compelling to write about next time.

Until then,

- Ashley A. Miller

Ashley is sophomore Creative Writing major from Payette, Idaho.