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Red Rocks and Sand Storms

Let me just start by saying the C of I Outdoor Program is awesome. They planned and executed an absolutely fantastic spring break trip to Moab. After an extremely long bus ride, we finally arrived in the warm weather and red rocks of Moab. We hurried to set up our tents and get dinner cooking before it got dark (something we didn’t entirely succeed in), and enjoyed a lovely campfire.

The next morning we woke up to the hot desert sun, and headed off to our first hike. During the week, we went on a number of hikes; through canyons, up to arches, through washes and between large pillars of rock. It is beautiful, the desert – unlike any other type of terrain. I have been there before many times, and it was still no less breathtaking to me.

We also had the chance to go mountain biking, go bouldering and look at some petroglyphs. It was all fantastic, because in a beautiful place like Moab, you can’t really go wrong.

One of the more exciting moments of our trip was when we came back from a hike to discover the strong winds had upset all our tents. One of the tent poles had even broken, and the rest were soon to be headed the same way if we didn’t do something. Everyone emptied their tents and – sand blowing in our faces and in our tents the whole time – we moved the tents behind the van and the trailer so they would be blocked by the wind. It was a very exciting and stressful time, and we were glad to get it all sorted out.

It was strange going on the trip without really knowing anyone, but I got to meet so many awesome new people I wouldn’t have met before, and we had a great week of adventures!

Photo: Some of the group in front of the Arches National Park Visitor Center. The daughter of the man who was taking the picture wanted to be in it and she refused to listen, so we have a friend in our picture.

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.