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Thinking Outside The Box

Elections are over and congratulations to our new leaders. As a proud Yotie, many thank you's to each and everyone who participated in the elections. 

On that note, I recently heard a conversation about the importance of student body elections and realized that some people consider them a formality of no great importance while others argued that they are of great benefit to the student body as a whole. 

Many times in college, we apply for different positions where we are required to state what our influence would be should we receive those positions, and this is true for student body elections too. This is (in an ideal situation) the basis on which an individual is voted for and is of high priority to the candidate's campaign. My question then is, after the elections are over, do we stick to simply congratulating the winners and hoping that those who didn't make it take the results well? Or, do we take a step further and also encourage everyone who ran in the elections to continue with their plans that would be attainable without necessarily being in any position? In this case we have the EC [Executive Council] and a group of other people who are sharing their ideas with the EC on what they would do if they were in the EC. 

I realized that the candidates for the ASCI elections were quite a diverse group of people with very different ideas on how to improve our experience as the #yotefam - and those ideas were all great and still are. I thought that another indication of "The C of I Can Do Anything" would be seen in identifiying issues of interest from individual candidates and involving the EC in resolving those issues. This is simply because I honestly think that a collaborative way of making those ideas work would benefit the whole student body, including the candidates who ran in the elections. This way, candidates get to put their leadership abilities into practice.

With this blog post I make a declaration of intent that I will approach candidates that were campaigning on issues I am interested in and try and figure out how we can approach the EC and achieve some of those things, and with this, I urge each member of the #yotefam to do the same if they have a vested interest in some of the issues.

I tried to look up the definition of a leader to have that cliche end to my post but I couldn't find one that quite worked. Instead, I found a quote by Ray Kroc (The man behind McDonald's success) that's rather close to what I was looking for and it goes, "The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves."  I hope that we can all become leaders in our own right by merely being involved in matters that we are passionate about on campus.

- Kenny

Keneuoe Mphutlane is an International Political Economy major from Lesotho and is in her sophomore year.