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The Campus is Overrun!

Well Yotes, it’s that time of the year again. When, on any given Friday or Saturday you can find the campus swarming with prospective students and incoming freshmen. As a student ambassador, I have been very involved in these events and I’ve gotten to meet a lot of prospective students.

I love being a student ambassador because I get to tell all the prospective students how much I love The College of Idaho. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with students though, if they are interested in something I don’t know much about, or if they answer all my questions with one word and a glance to the ground no matter how hard I try.

Last Friday was Spring Discovery Day, and (you probably noticed) we had a lot of high school students milling about. In contrast to a couple of the other events we’ve had this spring, these students are not going to be freshmen – in fact they’re only juniors and just starting their college searches. Well, they were definitely more on top of things than I was when I was a junior. It was cool getting to talk to them, and it was very different than talking to incoming freshmen because they have no idea what they’re interested in studying so that basically eliminates a whole topic of conversation for me. But they were still interesting to talk to, and I got to tell them about some of the other programs that the college has.

Most of the students I give tours to or take to lunch are students who might come to the school, and it’s basically my job to convince them that C of I is the best place ever (which, let’s face it, it is).  A few weeks ago we had an Admitted Student Day which was also very different because I wasn’t trying to convince the students about how great the college is because they were already planning on coming here. I actually liked it a lot because I got to tell them more about which professors are cool, which classes to take and what clubs they should join.

So keep your eye out for high schoolers on campus this spring, and maybe drop them a quick word about the college – maybe you’ll make a new friend for next year!

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.