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Meeting Maggie

This summer has already gone by so quickly! I can’t believe that it’s almost August, which means school starts again in about a month. It’s crazy!

I’ve mostly been working, which is taking up much of my time. I work at a ski resort in Park City, and it’s awesome. And yes, I know there is no snow in the summer, but they have cool summer activities like an alpine slide and a zip line. It’s a great summer job because I get to be outside all day in the mountains I love and miss while in Caldwell.

Unlocking The Unknown

Each and every day I learn that things fall into place. After a few setbacks with implementing my project in Rwanda, I spent each and every day looking to see who I could contact for help. Some days are better than others but for the first time, I understood what it meant not to quit. I certainly wish things were easier; I wish we could all have a dream and live it the next day exactly how we want it to play out. Often times, this is not the case but it is not a reason to give up on what we believe in and what we wish to achieve.

Figuring out the hows

It is a strange feeling writing something to sum up my college experience. A part of it, most likely, is because I am now in India, rather then Idaho. A lot of people here ask me the expected "Why would I leave America?" A lot of friends in Idaho asked me the same.

Every Bit Counts

Left with only two days before I leave Caldwell, I have been working on implementing my project and although it requires tremendous sacrifice and effort, I was aware at some point that the only way to make it a reality is to put even more extra effort in it than I previously had. At the end of the day, it had become so much more rewarding just simply knowing that I put more work into it even if I don't get a single response from organizations or individuals I have been contacting.

Defying the one passion rule

Sophomore year is gone! It all happened so quickly. I remember my excitement moving into a house from the dorms like it was yesterday and now packing things away for the summer just won't end. 

Looking back, this was an incredibly amazing year. I couldn't be more proud to be a Yotie. The newsletter is just testament of what a good year it was, whether it was reporting about the institution itself, about students or faculty members.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I can’t mop to save my life readers. If a vicious serial killer approached me, pushed a mop into my hands, and said “Mop my kitchen floors or else you’ll be pushing up daisies,” I would immediately start filing through movie speeches to use as my last words. Already, I’m leaning towards either Denzel Washington’s speech in Remember the Titans, or the lyrics of “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical (you know, just for one last joke before I go).

End of the Year Shakeups

By this time next Friday, I’ll be done with my junior year of college, and will be ready to bid adieu to classroom time at the College until February. In the meantime, I’m running around getting signatures for my graduation application and study abroad forms, finishing up papers, and studying for finals.  I’m also about to undertake the arduous task of moving out of the Village, which I’m hoping to tackle in increments. 

The Intern, issue #131: The Long Goodbye

Bittersweet day, readers.

After 91 days, 18 hours, and 53 minutes, I am finally hanging up my cape; my superhero alter ego, The Intern, is finally retiring from her life of heroic shenanigans for good…unless of course a Help Wanted ad appears for the Avengers. Because if there is one thing their dynamic is missing, it’s a sassy B-average college student, with pacifistic ideals and the ability to write mega ultra good occasionally. Your move, Captain America.  

The Week in Photos

It’s been a marathon week, and it’s not quite over yet. Spring Fling looms on the horizon, and it’s about 80 degrees outside. That makes it 50 degrees here in the library, but this place shuts down at 5 o’clock on Fridays, so I’ll be out of here and back in the sunshine soon enough. On the schedule for tonight are tapas at the Basque Market in Boise, and some deep sleep. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to go for a hike before returning to campus for a night of revelry.  But, before that, here’s a look back at the week in photos.

The Campus is Overrun!

Well Yotes, it’s that time of the year again. When, on any given Friday or Saturday you can find the campus swarming with prospective students and incoming freshmen. As a student ambassador, I have been very involved in these events and I’ve gotten to meet a lot of prospective students.