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The Weekend Rundown

It’s been a busy weekend—and Sunday has yet to commence in earnest.

I’m counting the weekend as starting on Friday, so we’ll start the rundown from there.

2 Intern 2 Furious

I hate sequels.

Well, no. That’s not true. I love sequels. But you’re supposed to say you hate sequels because it makes you sound much more refined and callipygian. That’s fine or whatever but... I mean…The Winter Soldier. Come on! Or The Dark Knight Rises! And what about Wrath of Khan?

What's In My Inbox

Because it’s always a good reflection of what’s going on in my life, here’s a round of What’s In My Inbox:

It's a Good Show, Charlie Brown

For one of the first times ever I’m not in the school play, and I feel really, really weird about it.

But oh Beethoven was Charlie Brown fun to watch!

Yom HaShoah and the Deputy Consul of Israel

C of I sometimes amazes me with the incredible experiences I get to have here that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Today we had the Israeli Deputy Consul to the Pacific Northwest, Eyal Naor visit the College of Idaho. Even without my different professors’ admonitions to go to his events, I knew this was something I didn’t want to miss.

The Spectacular Now

I lied last week. The weather isn’t stabilizing at all.  After a week of warmth, we’re back to a radical icy seesaw that is so much worse now that we know what warm is. After spending my Saturday morning in the middle of the mountains for a Natural History field trip, I learned how unforgiving weather can be. It was the kind of weather that can only be described using passages from an 1800’s frontiersman diary:

“Dear Diary, the weather toys with emotions and makes fools of us all with its subtle malice.  Also, consumption is unfortunate. Signed Jedidiah Jodidiah.”

I left my heart in San Francisco...

Spring Break – that quintessential college experience where you get away from school for a whole week and party it up in the Caribbean, or someplace similarly exotic. Right? Wrong. Well, sort of. For my spring break, I definitely got awake from school for a week, but I didn’t really do any partying, and I guess San Francisco is sort of exotic? But I had a great time nonetheless.

Stretching Spring Break From Marsing to Michigan

Spring Break is winding down, and I’m about to head out to Michigan. In theory I should have done my to-a-different-time-zone-traveling at the start of break, but it just worked backwards this time. Instead, I kicked off break in Marsing with my SLC based boyfriend, house-sitting and cat babysitting for my favorite archivist. Essentially, Stephen and I spent the first half of break in a beautiful, art-filled house with gorgeous views, and with wild bunnies and quail running around outside.

Some Like It Temperate

In case you somehow missed it, spring just kicked open the ol’ saloon doors and dragged winter out by its thieving, crooked coattails.  

And the town rejoices.

Now that the temperature has finally stabilized warmly (and truly, it is only in Idaho that you fully understand how much temperature stabilization is key to your immediate happiness) and everyone is enjoying the sunshine, it’s time for another installment of “What My Facebook Friends Are Doing Without Me.”

Hot Off the Presses

So let’s recap:

By some feat of pizza-fueled existential repression, I made it through midterm week. Which is just aces, because it left me plenty of time to pursue my true passion: peddling newspapers on street corners by shouting wildly inaccurate headlines from it (Hot off the presses! Joe Biden actually just several turkeys in a trench coat!  Get the scoop here!).

Media these days, amiright?