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Step Into My Office...

I checked the weather for Caldwell the other day, and I have to say that I am glad to be kicking it in 80 degree weather in my home state of Oregon rather than in the triple digits. Luckily, the desert will be getting just about managable for a rainforest inhabitant like myself by the time school rolls around. 

Of Monsters and Mango Ice Cream

At first glance, McCall, Idaho seems like your average resort town; beautiful beaches, eclectic shops, and some of the best ice cream this side of the Mississippi River (unproven, but I’m pretty sure that’s accurate). But, as I learned while vacationing there last week, McCall might also be home to Idaho’s best kept secret. You see, below the glimmering surface of the lake lies something…mysterious, which has puzzled residents of the picturesque town for decades and had me embracing my inner Nancy Drew as I endeavored to discover the truth behind Sharlie, the monster of Payette Lake.

Bring This, Not That

Even though I’m headed into my junior year of college, the call of school supplies still draws me in.  Anymore though it doesn’t stop at the requisite paper, pencils, and binders. Instead, my shopping list has kept on expanding with the years.

Before my freshman year, I was all about finding the perfect duvet cover for my double in Simplot. Before my sophomore year, I made a pilgrimage to Ikea for a rug and curtains to cover the open closets in my Anderson single. This year, I’m shopping to fill up the two-person Village apartment I’ll be sharing with my roommate Katharine.

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A Wild Blogger Reappears!


Why yes, I did just open up my first blog post of the 2013-2014 school year with a Pokemon reference. No, I don't think that's strange. They can't all open with Lao Tzu, right?

Stray donkeys and knowledge

As I write this (this seems to be a common thing I say in my blogs, right?), It is 2:30 a.m. in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. For those of you who actually bothered to read my previous blog posts/cared, I just came back from spending almost a month in Guwahati, working on my Davis Project for Peace. And now, from an area where the highest recorded precipitation in the world is a common occurrence, and it got so hot that 20 odd people died, I ended up here, in Leh.

The next step

Well, this is my first blog post, so I feel the need to introduce myself. My name is Blake Kaufman, nice to meet you all. I am an incoming freshman coming from Summit High School in Bend, Oregon.

No Heat In My Summer

This being my first blog post, it is a little introduction of who I am and where I am from.

I am a sophomore majoring in International Political Economy and my name is Keneuoe Mphutlane. It really sounds like “click click” to a lot of my friends at the C of I and I usually have to say it 5 times and change it just to make them feel better. I am from a small kingdom in the south of Africa called Lesotho and the youngest of 6 girls.

Revelations (Part 2)

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Now I can finally go on the self-indulgent spree that I have been looking forward to. Basically, this is about me doing an all encompassing spiel on my thought space. To bring brevity into the entire thing, I am just going to copy and paste a paragraph I wrote and use it to provide structure. There, high school English lit, I learned something after all.