Business & Accounting

Study for Success

C of I prepares graduates who thrive in the professional world

If you’re looking to develop the knowledge, skills and values needed to successfully operate in an international, rapidly-changing and technology-driven business world, then studying business or accounting at The College of Idaho is the right place for you. Our students receive individual advising from their professors, and international business studies are integrated into virtually every business course, preparing you leadership in a global business environment.

Why study business/leadership at The College of Idaho?

The C of I’s business and accounting majors integrate study of the liberal arts and business skills - a combination that will enable you to become a skilled problem-solver, effective communicator and thoughtful, ethical leader. Exactly the type of person that organizations are looking for.

In addition to core courses emphasizing organizational leadership, ethics and essential business functions, College of Idaho business majors may choose a concentration with additional courses in finance, marketing or accounting. The C of I’s accounting major is designed for students with a particular interest in accounting as a career. Business and accounting students also have opportunities to study and work internationally or participate in internships.

The College of Idaho also offers a business minor and a minor in leadership studies. The business minor offers all C of I students an opportunity to complement their other studies by gaining a fundamental understanding of business management and decision-making. Our leadership studies minor is designed to teach students competencies in communication skills, problem solving, decision-making and team development, a set of skills that effective leaders of any institution must possess. Students in the C of I’s leadership studies minor can focus on one of three specialties: business leadership, Christian servant leadership, and outdoor/recreation leadership.

Career opportunities for business and leadership studies majors/minors

Your education in business, accounting or leadership studies at the C of I will prepare you for success wherever you go – whether you choose to work at a corporation, non-profit agency or government agency. A business education also is excellent preparation for anyone interested in starting their own business, whether it’s an accounting firm or an art gallery.