Business and Industry

Joe Albertson '29

Founder of Albertson's supermarkets

Joe Albertson '29 - Founder, Albertson's supermarket chain. Deceased.

Wallace Decker '65 - Vice President, Barclay's Bank of California.

Donald S. Hendrickson '62 - President & CEO, BMC West Corp. Retired.

Gregory Kreizenbeck '69 - CEO, Pacific Land & Investment LLC

Kyu Sik Lee '62 - Principal Economist, World Bank. Retired.

Kris McDivitt '72 - Co-founder & President, Patagonia Outerwear.

Ray Neilsen '88 - Chairman, Craig H. Neilsen Foundation; Former Chairman, Ameristar Casinos Inc.

Vance Peckham '49 - Vice President, Merrill Lynch. Retired.

Barry Rowan '78 - CFO, Nextel Partners

Chester Wood '81 - Deloitte & Touche, Associate National Managing Partner.

Pam Dunlap '82 - Executive Vice President of Philips Corporation. Dunlap serves as global head for internal audit and is the international company's highest-ranking female executive

Trevor van Woerden '94 - Director of Business Development for Xcache Technologies

Jim Grigsby '82 - Board of Trustees, President of Boise U.S. Bank

Aaron Van Der Aa - General Manager, Hopkins Financial

Dr. Ronald Bitner '68 - Entomologist, Owner International Pollination Systems and Bitner Winery. Pioneer in the Idaho Wine Industry and President of the National Wine Grape Growers Association.