Study Abroad

Paris, France

The Business and Accounting Department schedules study abroad trips every other year as part of the International Business course.

During the winter term in 2012, Professor Marilyn Melchiorre (Business and Accounting) along with Professor Jim Angresano (Political Economy) and Professor Elizabeth Angresano (Modern Foreign Languages)  conducted a two-week long study abroad trip to Paris, France.

The International Business in France course focused on an introduction to the business practices of France, emphasizing the influence of French economic history and cultural foundations, as well as France's membership in the European Monetary Union.  The course also included an analysis of international business from the viewpoint of entering into multinational business activities, examining cultural, social, economic and political factors related to transnational operations.

As part of the immersion experience in France, students had meetings with representatives at the U.S. Embassy, members of the business community, and economists from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development(OECD). The students also visited a number of cultural sites. 



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