First-year and new students submit a Community Living Agreement once they have turned in their matriculation deposit. This Agreement includes your contact information, housing preferences, meal plan preferences, medical concerns, and the Wilderness Experience waiver for Fall Welcome Week. Contact your Admission Counselor for access to the Community Living Agreement.

A Non-Academic Petition should be submitted to request an exemption from or modification to the residency or meal plan requirement. Petitions are due by the first day of class each term.

If you have questions about the Non-Academic Petition please contact us at [email protected].

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) offers students a safe environment that is welcoming to all gender identities; not one that is limited by the traditional gender binary. This is a voluntary option. For more information, access the application below, or contact Residence Life at [email protected].


Non-Academic Petition:
Gender Inclusive Housing: