Student Leadership and Internship

Student Leadership is an important part of Campus Ministries, including our volunteer "Servantship" team, our paid student internship program (SALT), and the Christian Leadership Minor in the professional PEAK

Student Leadership (Servantship)

“Servantship” helps students develop their skills and passions in Late Night, Hospitality, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, Community Team, Catholic Outreach, IC houses and Service (Potter’s Clay).

The entire Servantship Team meets once every three weeks and has an overnight retreat in the spring. These meetings provide a space to build community and communication among the student leadership team, to learn about and develop leadership skills, and to set up collaborative planning.

Individual teams meet every 1-2 weeks or as needed to dream and plan and make great things happen.

Servantship students also meet weekly with Campus Ministries staff for support in their spiritual, social, emotional and academic life. Daily reading of the One-year Bible provides common ground for conversation as well.

STudent internship (SALT)

Servant and Leadership Training (SALT) is an opportunity for students to learn and practice the art of discipleship and leadership in a one year student internship.  Through study, mentorship and hands on experience student interns can grow in theological breadth and depth and personal discipleship, explore and develop leadership skills, and help empower the ongoing culture change at the C of I inspired by authentic Christian student community.

Salt Interns receive a $2,000 - $6,000 stipend during their internship.

Check with the Campus Ministries staff for an application.

Community Leadership Team (CLT)

 * Students on the CLT are part of a movement to create life-long, spiritually supportive relationships, on the C of I campus. This is done by creating a mature and responsible alternative culture regarding alcohol - a "middle ground" of responsible drinking (or fun without any alcohol) in which alcohol does not become the reason to get together, or become a problem for students who are getting together, and by nurturing rich and welcoming spaces for C of I students to hang out in quality atmospheres that are comfortable, safe, deep and fun - intentional communities inspired and guided by Jesus' vision for the world and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.