Christian Leadership Minor

You can earn a minor in Christian Leadership in the Professional Studies and Enhancements peak.

 The minor is designed to help students integrate faith with any potential career – learning to think theologically and act creatively in a diverse and complex world.

 Minor Requirements - Christian Emphasis (15 credits):

  • LSP-101 Leadership Development (2 cr)
  • LSP-201 Leadership Theories, Styles, Realities (2 cr)
  • LSP-201 Servant-Leadership (3 cr)
  • LSP-497 Internship in area of emphasis (2 cr)
  • REL-112 New Testament Introduction (3 cr)

And at least one from the following:

  • REL-251.1 Theology & the Sciences (3 cr)
  • REL-315 Christian Theology (3 cr)
  • REL-340.3 Spiritual Development (3 cr)
  • REL-346 Reformation of the 16th Century (3 cr)
  • REL-363 The Rise of Christianity (3 cr)
  • REL-399 Readings in Religion (3 cr)

You can work with Dr. Phil Rogers to explore additional classes or experiences to add depth and breadth to your minor related to your areas of interest