Intentional Christian Community

C of I juniors or seniors can live in one of two Intentional Community (IC) houses, located next to the campus at the corner of College and Ash.  The houses meet C of I residency requirements.  IC houses are owned by a non-profit organization called Campus Ministries of Treasure Valley, Inc., which beyond housing also supports local and international service with scholarships and logistical support. 

In an IC house Christians can support each other in faith and create a welcoming space to develop Christian culture (through friendships and social activities) for the greater C of I community.

Amenities & Rent

IC houses are typically larger and nicer than other college houses, include some furniture and kitchen items, often have washers and dryers (they have been donated by past residents), and typically run a few $$ less than C of I rental houses.

How do we do it?  Donations from alumni and friends of CMTVinc creates a funding pool to keep costs down and support Christian community at the C of I.

For more information including house description, rental prices, application to move-in and LEASE (click here) or contact Phil Rogers.