Residence Life

General Information

The Office of Residence Life maintains three different housing options for The College of Idaho community.

The residence halls are traditional dormitory housing with shared bathrooms and common areas. Residents form strong community bonds in this setting and are supported in this growth by a wide-range of intentionally developmental programming. An example of this is that residents are responsible for crafting some of their own living policies. The residence halls are staffed with professional and student staff, trained to build strong communities, to respond to resident needs and emergencies and to connect residents with campus resources. 

The Village apartments offer Juniors and Seniors the convenience of being on campus coupled with a more independent living environment.  The Village is staffed with an apartment manager to provide minimal programming and to address concerns and apartment issues.  Village residents are students who already have strong ties to the C of I community.

The college also owns a number of one, two, three, and four bedroom houses in the immediate neighborhood. These houses are available to students to rent. These houses are intended for students who have Junior or Senior standing and have already made a strong connection to the community and now wish for a more autonomous living environment.  While staff provides our house residents support and guidance (such as conflict mediation in roommate disputes), addressing house-management issues, is the responsibility of the residents (such as paying bills on time, abiding by a rental agreement, house cleaning and care). This structure is intended to help students learn the concrete skills necessary to negotiate the world outside C of I.

Property Liability

Students are responsible for providing insurance against loss or damage to their property. The College of Idaho, its officers, employees, agents and/or the Office of Residence Life are not liable for property that may be lost, stolen, or damaged in any way.

Meal Plans

All students must participate in a meal plan. No food service is provided during the Thanksgiving and December Holiday break periods.  Limited food options are available during the fall, winter, and spring breaks by using Coyote Cash, cash, or by purchasing a break week meal plan.

Summer Housing

As space and the summer schedule permits, the College offers limited housing during the summer for current students. Because the College has limited support resources in the summer, housing in only offered to students in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing. Summer housing is offered at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life. Additionally, summer housing residents need to be aware that summer is used to complete repairs and clean campus facilities. Students in summer housing may need to move frequently to accommodate College work. Summer housing availability will be advertised in early March.