Student Involvement

General Information

The Student Involvement Office provides advising and administrative support for student organizations on campus. The staff works closely with campus student groups to sponsor a variety of campus programs, provide leadership training, offer resource assistance, develop programming procedures, and provide advising to the ASCI Executive Council, Senate, Program Council, and Greek Council. 


The mission of the Department of Student Involvement at The College of Idaho is to enrich the value or education through engaging, supporting and inspiring all stuidents to become active members of our community.  By integrating in-class and out-of-class learning we provide positive experiences which promote personal growrh.


All agreements between a student organization and an outside individual or company must be made in writing via a contract.

Students are not legal signatories of the college, and may not sign contracts or agreements, or enter into any verbal agreements on behalf of their organization.

The Chief Financial Officer, via the Dean of Students and/or Student Involvement Director, signs all contracts on behalf of student organizations.

Fiscal Policies and Spending Guidelines

  • To be eligible for a student fee allocation, an organization must have membership open to all students and be officially recognized by the College.
  • Student organizations must conduct all of their financial transactions through their account in the Business Office.
  • Student fee funds, as defined under "Frequently-Asked Questions" is for the general use of the entire student body and may not be used for:   
    • direct donations to charities;
    • direct benefit of political candidates or lobbyist groups;
    • supporting the candidacy of individual students/slates seeking student government office;
    • publications that do not conform to the The College of Idaho Advertising Policy (see Advertising Policy);
    • the purchase of alcohol; or
    • any illegal activity.
  • Student Fee funds, if not used during the semester in which they are received, will become the possession of the Associated Students of The College of Idaho (ASCI) and transferred into its account.
  • Money received through fund raisers, raffles, and donations is not bound by the same spending guidelines as student fee money. However, spending is subject to approval by the Student Involvement Director and/or Chief Financial Officer.
  • The treasurer and president of an organization are the only students who may sign paperwork authorizing financial transactions on behalf of the organization. Checks, purchase orders, cash advances and other Business Office materials may only be picked up by an executive officer of the organization or an officially designated member.
  • The Student Involvement Director must sign all expenditure requests.
  • Expenditure requests exceeding $250 must also be signed by the organization's advisor.
  • Cash advances, with permission from the Student Involvement Director, may be obtained from the Business Office for up to $50.
  • Back-up documentation, e.g. invoices and receipts, is required for all expenditure requests and reimbursements.
  • The ASCI treasurer will, at least once per year, audit all student organizations that receive a direct allocation from student funds.
  • An organization with limited membership may request an allocation to fund any event that is open to all students.
  • Any student group who wants to host a raffle must register the raffle with the Business Office.

Vehicle Reservations and Rental Procedures

In order for anyone to drive a College vehicle, or rent a vehicle through the College, they must attend a vehicle safety course and pass a driving test in addition to having their driver's license cleared through Campus Safety. This means that everyone must plan ahead to allow enough time to complete these necessary steps before using a College vehicle. In order for student organizations to use a College vehicle, the following must be done:

  1. Driving tests are offered monthly through Campus Safety and the Office of Student Involvement. 
  2. Fill out an Event Registration Form.
  3. The Director of Student Involvement will evaluate the needs of the organization and decide if it is appropriate for the group to drive themselves or whether the group should use commercial transportation (bus or airline).
  4. Once the drivers have been cleared to drive by Campus Safety and the Director of Student Involvement, the student organization needs to reserve the vehicle by contacting Campus Safety and providing them with the names of the people who will be driving the vehicle(s).
  5. If the drivers are cleared, Facilities will contact the Director of Student Involvement for final authorization.
  6. College vehicles are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Student organizations must show that they have the funding before a vehicle will be reserved.
  7. Upon receiving the keys to any campus vehicle, a list of students to be transported in the vehicle must be left with Campus Safety and the Student Involvement Office.
  8. Cancellations: a reservation for a vehicle must be cancelled at least 72 hours before the date of pickup.  Groups that do not cancel a reservation, but do not use the vehicle, will be subject to a fee.
  9. If a vehicle is damaged, the group is responsible to pay for repair and rental costs.  

Advertising Policy

A student organization may not publicize any program in any way before the program has been officially approved and confirmed through the Student Involvement Office. Recognized student organizations may post flyers in campus buildings on designated bulletin boards with permission of staff in that building. To post in residence halls, permission must be granted by an appropriate staff member.

Posters may not be placed on directional signs or outdoor campus maps.

Posters must be in good taste and can neither discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, disability or marital status, nor promote inappropriate behavior. Alcohol may only be advertised on posters or any other form of advertisement for officially recognized College events when approved by the Dean of Students or designee. Posters that violate these guidelines will be removed at the organization's expense. Chalk may be used, but must be limited to sidewalks around the McCain Student Center. For more information, contact the Student Involvement Office.

Recommended information to be prominently displayed on all forms of publicity:

  • The full name of the organization and  "C of I" or "The College of Idaho";
  • The title and nature of the program
  • Date, time, and place of the program
  • Admission criteria, such as ticket price, college ID required, etc.
  • Rain dates and refund policy, if applicable
  • Number to contact to request special services/accommodations when possible.