Academic Departments and Programs

Academic Departments


Independent Study & Internships


Cooperative Programs

Health Sciences

Idaho State University Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS/BS)

Idaho State University Doctor of Physical Therapy (BA or BS/DPT)

Idaho State University Dual Degree Doctoral Program in Pharmacy (BS/PHARM.D.)

Idaho State University Dual Degree Program in Nursing (BS/BS)

Idaho State University Dual Degree in Medical Laboratory Science (BS/BS)

Idaho State University Master of Occupational Therapy (BA or BS/MOT)

Idaho State University Master of Public Health (BA or BS/MPH)



University of Idaho Juris Doctor (BA or BS/JD)



Columbia University Dual Degree Program in Engineering (BA/BS)

Engineering and Applied Science Program at Washington University Dual Degree Program (BA/BS)



Course Subjects

ACC - Accounting
ART - Art
ASN - Asian Studies
ATH - Anthropology
ATHSOC - Anthropology / Sociology
BIO - Biology
BUS - Business
CHE - Chemistry
CHI - Chinese Language
CSC - Computer Science
EDU - Education
EDUSPA - Education/Spanish
ENG - English
ENV - Environmental Science
ESL - English as a Second Language
FRE - French Language
FYS - First Year Seminar
GEO - Geoscience
GER - German Language
HHP - Health and Human Performance
HIS - History
HSC - Health Sciences
IND - Interdisciplinary
JOURN - Journalism
LAS - Latin American Studies
LSP - Leadership
MAT - Mathematics
MFL - Modern Foreign Language
MS - Military Science
MUS - Music
MUSAP - Applied Music
PHI - Philosophy
PHY - Physics
POE - Political Economy
PSY - Psychology
REL - Religious Studies
SOC - Sociology
SPA - Spanish Language
SPE - Speech
STS - Study Skills
THE - Theatre