When you look at this Ushabti, you see spirituality.

The Ushabti is a statue that was created by the ancient Egyptians to fulfill a desire for control over the afterlife. They prioritized the afterlife so highly that they needed an object to place their confidence in to attain reassurance in their post-death state. This Ushabti represents a physical encounter with spirituality in that it is a physical object with the intent to account for spiritual security.

Even in today’s society, an object such as this can be found in museums such as the Orma J. Smith Museum, where it is admired by many for its historical context and all that it represents. Even though this object is no longer used for funerary beliefs, there is something admirable about an object that is intrinsic with so much history. People have always admired things that have beauty and profound knowledge tied to them; they create a physical encounter with spirituality that may not have been intended.

This Ushabti has so many components to it, and through each, it represents an encounter with spirituality.

By Lindy Westendorf

Lindy Westendorf's research paper on the ushabti.