Current Exhibits

  • Tutankhamun Needlepoint

    Mrs. Binkley and Jan with Needlepoint.  Mrs. Binkley made the needlepoint in the late 1970s after the exhibit,  The Treasures of Tutankhamun. She graciously donated it permanently for this exhibit.

  • Canopic Jar

    Used to store internal organs of the mummy

EGYPTOLOGY IN IDAHO  - Egypt and Roman Artifacts  

The first Ancient Egypt/Roman artifact exhibit at the college and museum includes Falco tinnunculus, a mummy of a kestrel falcon.  The exhibit features artifacts from ancient Egypt and Rome (18th Dynasty-1st Century A.D. ), faience Ushabti figures, (workers for the deceased in the afterlife), inscribed scarabs, beads, and 2 Roman pots from the ruins of Pompeii belonging to the museum's collection. Both were donated to the Museum in the early 1900s.  


The Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History has partnered with The Boise Art Museum for an exciting exhibit highlighting many of the museum's archaeological and anthropological collections.  Artifacts from various cultures around the world will be showcased as part of an exhibit entitled, 'ORGINS, OBJECTS OF MATERIAL CULTURE".  The exhibit opened in February 2013 at The Boise Art Museum and will be on display through January 12, 2014.  You will view objects by tribal communities in Africa, Papua New Guinea and North America Native cultures spanning the time period from pre-European contact through the 20th century.