Events & News at the Museum

  • Fossil Lecture to Scout Troop

    Howard Emry, Curator of Paleontology gives talk to local scout groups and the community about fossil leafs and minerals to help earn badges;

  • Curator working with Pottery Collection

    C of I students can learn conservation methods including hands-on experience with Hopi pottery styles, baskets and Native American lithics. Ask the Archaeologists.

  • Idaho Archaeology Group Curation Meeting

    The Idaho Archaeology Group meets with the Museum Archaeologist to help curate collections, i.e. the James Huntley Lithic Collection.

  • Cuneiform Clay Tablet held at the Archives

    Kept in the Archives, these tablets were recently scanned and studied by UCLA and Jan Summers Duffy, the museum Archaeologist. Most are receipts, tallys and accounts of livestock, sheep, etc. Some are building dedications and only deciphered by experts!  The UCLA Cuneiform Digitial Initiative travels to record and study the tablets.

The Museum offers several regular events throughout the year:

  • National History Day 2014 - held at The College of Idaho on April 12, 2014, State Finals
  • Idaho Archaeology Month - May of each year
  • BioBlitz
  • Boise Front 4th of July Butterfly Count
  • Bug Day-held at Idaho Botanical Gardens
  • Friday "Escape to the Museum" - Museum Open on Fridays 1:00-5:00 pm
  • Museum Board of Directors Meeting
  • Museum Workdays are on the first Saturday of each month
  • Idaho Archaeology Soc. Curation workshops with C of I and BSU