Director Bill Clark addresses group at Museum Workday

January 5

     Seminar:  William H. Clark, OJSMNH - "Biodiversity and Natural History of Desert Ants in Big Bend National Park, Texas:  A Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Spring/Riparian Habitats."

February 2

     Seminar:  Jan Boles, Archivist, Smylie Archives, CofI - "Introduction and Tour of the Robert E. Smylie Archives."

March 2

     Seminar:  Amy Truksa, Whittenburger Planetarium, CofI – “Mars and Mercury.”

April 6

      Seminar: Dr. Craig R. Baird, OJSMNH - "Cuterebra bot fly biology: Hosts, flies, and parasitism."

May 4   

     Seminar: Jan Summers Duffy, OJSMNH -  "The Archaeological/Anthro Collections of OJSMNH."

     Please note:  May is Idaho Archaeology Month.

June 1

      Seminar:  Jay Van Tassell, Eastern Oregon University – “The Early Pliocene Always Welcome Inn Fossil Locality, Baker City, OR."

July 6  

      Seminar:  Dr. Paul Castrovillo, OJSMNH -  "Interesting Butterflies of Idaho" and "Training for the 4J Butterfly Count."

August 3

      Seminar:  Dr. Ron Bitner, OJSMNH - "Native bee survey and collection in Canyon County."

September 7

      Seminar:  Dr. David H. Greegor, Jr. – “Peace Corps Rural Sustainable Lifestyle Projects in Mexico.”

October 5

      Seminar:   Dr. James McIver, Oregon State University and Dr. Paul E. Blom, BioDataManagement - "Ant community response to tree encroachment in the Great Basin."

November 2

       Seminar:   Dr. Eric Yensen, OJSMNH - "Ground Squirrels as Ecosystem Engineers”

December 7

       Seminar:   Dr. Barbara Ertter, CofI & UC-Berkeley - "Plants and Peshmerga:  Botanizing in Iraqi Kurdistan." 


The Museum is open on the first Saturday of the month with exceptions for some national holidays.  [2013 exception: Labor Day - when the workday is the 2nd Saturday of the month.]  Anyone interested in natural history or the Museum is welcome.  We can always use volunteers for a variety of tasks ranging from curation of specimens, exhibit preparation, clean up, construction, Museum paperwork, and other projects as needed. The Museum is open all day for curators to work and volunteers to work, network, visit, etc.  The Museum is open at other times by appointment (see contact info below).

The Museum supplies water and coffee and serves lunch to the volunteers at noon.  A brief seminar, usually relating to natural history, is presented during lunch (see list above for 2013 schedule of topics).  Contact Bill Clark, 208-375-8605, or Dave Ward, 208-888-6008,, if you would like to volunteer or need more information.