Museum Calendar

The Museum sponsors several events that repeat annually, monthly, or weekly. Look below the calendar for information about these events.

More information is also available by clicking on individual calendar entries.

ANNUAL events

Statewide final competitions for National History Day (every April, hosted by The College of Idaho)

National History Day competitions offer elementary and secondary school students an opportunity to conduct historical research and present their results to professional historians and educators in regional, state-wide, and national competitions. Jan Summers Duffy (The Museum's Curator of Archaeology) is a lead judge in several catetories. Click here for more information about this event.

Idaho Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month (every May)

This annual event organized by the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office provides statewide events for the public to learn about Idaho archaeology, history, and historic preservation. The Museum presents special lectures and exhibits. Click here for more information about this event.

Boise Front 4th of July Butterfly Count (every July)

Every July, the Museum sponsors one of eight butterfly counts held in Idaho for the North American Butterfly Association, which compiles results from butterfly counts throughout North America (including and Canada and Mexico) and prints reports every year. This event is coordinated by Dr. Paul Castrovillo (the Museum's Curator of Lepidoptera).

Volunteers are needed, and no knowledge of butterfly identification is required! Watch the Museum website and calendar for more information as the event approaches.

Bug Day (every August)

The Museum and Idaho Botanical Gardens co-sponsor this annual celebration of "bugs." Family-friendly activities include competitions, gifts for children and adults, ladybug releases, and an "ask-an-entomologist" table where the public can get answers to all of their bug-related questions from several Museum staff members.

Night at the Museum (every October)

The Museum celebrates Homecoming at The College of Idaho with a free public lecture, annual awards ceremony, Museum open house and tours, and refreshments. Watch the website and calendar for details as the event approaches.

Monthly events

Board of Directors Meeting

Contact Bill Clark (Museum Director) or Dr. Barbara Ertter (Chair of the Board of Directors) for more information.

Museum Workdays and research seminars (one Saturday each month)

The Museum is open to the public one Saturday a month, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM except during the lunchtime seminar. Members of the public are invited to view the Museum, work with staff on a variety of Museum projects, and attend seminars. Please contact Bill Clark, 208-375-8605, or Dave Ward, 208-888-6008, if you would like to volunteer or need more information.

Free talks, usually on some aspect of natural history, are presented from noon to about 1:30 on Museum workdays. Plan to show up before 12 pm so you can get into the building through the Museum's downstairs entrance. (It will be locked during the seminar so the staff can attend.) Food is not provided, but you are welcome to bring your lunch.

Please click here for more information on seminars and workdays, or to download a schedule. You can also find information about specific dates by clicking on them on the calendar.

Weekly events

Escape to the Museum (every Friday afternoon, 1-5 pm)

The Museum is open to the public. Admission is free.