Staff and Curators

The Museum is served by a variety of both permanent staff of The College of Idaho and volunteers from the community.

Board of Directors


Curators and Research Associates

  • Dr. Craig R. Baird, Curator of Entomology, Email, Email2
  • Dr. Ron Bitner, Research Associate of Entomology
  • Dr. Paul Blom, Research Associate Entomology, Web Master, EmailEmail2
  • Stephen H. Bouffard, Curator of Birds, Email
  • Kinga Britschgi, Tour Coordinator, Email
  • Sharon Brown, Tour Guide
  • Nathan E. Carpenter, Curator of Paleontology and Research Associate, EmailEmail2
  • Dr. Paul Castrovillo, Curator of Lepidoptera, Email
  • William H. Clark, Curator of Invertebrates, 208-375-8605, EmailEmail2
  • Janet L. Summers Duffy, Archaeologist, Curator, Egyptologist
  • Howard Emry, Curator of Paleontology Email
  • Dr. Sean Farley, Research Associate, Mammology Email
  • Dr. Patrick F. Fields, Curator of Paleontology; Research Associate, Paleobotany, Email
  • Dr. Alan R. Gillogly, Curator of Entomology, Email
  • Dr. David H. Greegor, Jr., Research Associate and Curator of Herpetology
  • Dr. James B. (Ding) Johnson, Curator of Entomology, 208-885-7543, Email
  • Wayne Lewis, Library Director, EmailEmail2
  • Steven J. Lysne, Curator of Mollusca, 208-562-3360, Email
  • Bill Nance, Curator of Ethnography, Email
  • James Pike, Research Associate, Email
  • Dr. James K. Ryan, Curator of Entomology
  • Richard A. Salisbury, Associate Curator of Mollusca
  • Dr. Gerald R. Smith, Curator of Fossil Fishes, Email
  • Teresa Tarifa, Research Associate Mammals
  • Leland Thames, Facilities
  • Geraldine Van Curen, Gift Shop Manager
  • Dr. Chris Walser, Assistant Professor of Biology; Associate Curator of Fishes, Email
  • Dr. Chris Walser, Associate Curator of Fishes
  • Dr. David Ward, Jr., General Entomology, 208-888-6008, Email, Email2
  • Gerald E. Wood, Research Associate/Librarian, Curator of Invertebrates, 208-459-5507, Email
  • Dr. Eric Yensen, Professor of Biology; Curator of Mammals; Biology Dept. Coordinator of Museum Affairs, 208-459-5331, Email
  • Dr. Donald W. Zaroban, Curator of Fishes, Email

Student Assistants

  • Simon Boycott, Archaeology /Journalism Intern
  • Sarah de Leon, Entomology Intern
  • Hannah Dixon, Entomology
  • Mary Caitlin Indart, Entomology Email, Email2
  • Courtney Indart, Entomology

Standing Committees

---  Library Committee ---

  • Nate Carpenter, Chair
  • William Clark
  • Susan Filkins
  • Lloyd Kiff
  • Wayne Lewis, Library Director
  • Dr. Roger Rosentreter
  • Christine Schutz
  • Jerry Wood

---  Volunteer Recognition Event Committee ---

  • Nate Carpenter
  • William Clark, Advisor
  • Barry Fujishin
  • Leland Thames 

---  Exhibit Committee ---

  • William Clark
  • Jan Summers Duffy, Co-Chair
  • Howard Emry
  • Dr. Patrick Fields
  • Dr. David Ward, Chair
  • Dr. Eric Yensen

---  Web Page Committee ---

  • Dr. Paul E. Blom, Publisher
  • Nate Carpenter, Editor
  • William Clark, Alternate Publisher
  • Jan Summers Duffy, Editor