Foundations & Corporations

Support from foundations and corporations is vital to the College’s continuing commitment to excellence in academic instruction and scholarship and to the values of community, integrity, leadership and service. The office of Foundations and Corporate Relations seeks to expand and deepen the College's relationships with philanthropic foundations and corporate partners. Among the College's funding priorities are scholarships, academic facilities and unrestricted endowment support.

Services provided by the office of Foundations and Corporate Relations

  • Building relationships with foundations, government agencies and corporate partners.
  • Supporting the C of I community by identifying foundation, government and corporate funding sources for priority programs and by preparing grant proposals.
  • Acting as a liaison between foundation and corporate entities and the academic and administrative divisions of the College.
  • Administration and monitoring of training in responsible conduct of research.
  • Compliance with federal guidelines for effort reporting and financial conflict of interest in research.

We are grateful to donors who support the College and its mission of a quality liberal arts education. Foundations and corporate partners can make an important impact at the College and throughout the region by ensuring that the College continues to produce competent leaders and active community members. We would be happy to help your corporation or foundation fulfill its philanthropic goals.