First Year Seminar Courses

FYS-101 First-Year Seminar3 credits

This course introduces all students to effective academic writing through participation in the processes important for its creation: analytical reading, critical thinking, and extensive writing practice. The seminars offer students the opportunity to join a learning community by focusing on a specific topic that poses challenging intellectual questions. Seminar topics vary each year and from seminar to seminar. All First-Year students entering the College with fewer than 28 credits must complete this course. Most students will complete the course during the first semester. FYS-101 serves only First-Year and qualifying transfer students, and it is not available to other students.

FYS-110 First Year Seminar: Gipson Fellows3 credits

Prerequisites:Acceptance in Gipson Fellows Program

A liberal arts education makes certain assumptions about what it means to be an educated individual--and, more foundationally, what it means to be a self. This course invites you--as you begin your own liberal arts education--to explore through literature, art history, and other forms of thought what it has meant to be an individual. We will explore the notions of famous historical figures, as well as those of contemporary thinkers, and we will consider the many ways in which we cultivate our selfhood--intellectually, to be sure, but also physically, spiritually, and in relation to others.