Senior Capstone

During the spring of their senior year, students majoring in Environmental Studies are required to take a Senior Capstone, in which they apply what they have learned at The College of Idaho to a specific environmental problem. This class serves as a means to tie together the totality of their interdisciplinary studies, and to encourage the practical application of their Environmental Studies foci.

2013: Wolf Reintroduction

This year, the students engaged with the issue of wolf reintroduction in the American Northwest. The first half of the class involved learning about the various facets of the issue, and included reading Thomas McNamee's book, The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone, and Carter Niemeyer's memoir, Wolfer. The class also read a number of related articles, watched documentaries, and undertook independent research in an attempt to understand the issue from every angle. The latter half of the class entailed the creation of a paper, pamphlet, and presentation in order to share the students' findings with the campus community. Watch the students final presentation and learn more about their findings.

2011: Water in the West

Students examined the use of water in the western U.S. for the 2011 environmental studies senior capstone course. "Water Consciousness in the West" examined the complex relationship between farmers and water management in the arid Idaho climate, particularly in the southwest part of the state. Eight C of I students involved in the project interviewed 20 local agricultural producers in an effort to identify the common problems they face as well as creative solutions they have developed to address those problems.