2013: Wolf Reintroduction

College of Idaho environmental studies students engaged with the issue of wolf reintroduction in the American Northwest during the 2013 senior capstone course. The first half of the class involved learning about the various facets of the issue, and included reading Thomas McNamee's book, The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone, and Carter Niemeyer's memoir, Wolfer. The class also read a number of related articles, watched documentaries, and undertook independent research in an attempt to understand the issue from every angle. The latter half of the class entailed the creation of a paper, pamphlet, and presentation in order to share the students' findings with the campus community.

Capstone Presentation

Wolf Reintroduction Pamphlet

Wolf Reintroduction Pamphlet - 2013 ES Capstone:
Wolf Reintroduction Final Paper: