Fellowship Groups

Gipson Fellowship Groups

The Gipson Fellow Fellowship groups provide the following benefits to students:

1. Offer each Gipson Fellow a smaller group (within the larger program) of likeminded, driven students who are focusing their studies in a similar area.

2. Enable each Gipson Fellow to readily describe his or her scholarship and studies a bit more specifically than the phrase “Gipson Fellow” allows.  That is, students can describe themselves as “Arts & Humanities Gipson Fellows” or as a “Math/Physics Fellows.” This will be useful in applications for graduate or professional school, on resumes or c.v.’s, and in conversation.

3. Provide an organizational structure for sharing the talents and leadership abilities of the Gipson Fellows across campus and in the community.

Each Fellowship group is self-organized and aims to meet the following goals.  Smaller groups may want to join forces to meet these goals:

1.  Mentor each other; serve as study-buddies.

2.  Nurture the identity of the Gipson Fellows Program by carrying out some sort of campus or community service project.

3.  Work with CEL to meet a C of I alumnus who shares your interests.

4.  Gather at least monthly solely for the purpose of bonding.

Gipson Fellowship groupings currently offered:

  • Arts and Humanities Fellows
  • Biology & Health Sciences Fellows
  • Interdisciplinary Fellows
  • Math/Physics Fellows
  • Chemistry Fellows
  • Social Science Fellows
  • Technology Fellows
  • Writing Studies Fellows

“One of the finest things about directing the Gipson Fellows Program is the opportunity to watch smart, passionate, ambitious students interact with each other and with our camps.  With diverse interests—ranging from investigating the pathways by which heavy metals are metabolized in bone to exploring the ways a travel journal by a nineteenth-century woman like Carrie Adell Strahorn can illuminate the evolution of feminist thinking—our Fellows challenge and encourage each other to think broadly, creatively, and synthetically about the world. This atmosphere provides, quite simply, great fun and inspiration.”

Professor Steve Maughan, Gipson Fellows Advisor