1891 Society

Named for the year in which The College of Idaho was founded, the 1891 Society provides a link to the generosity and vision of the College’s founders. 1891 Society members make annual gifts of $1,891 or more to the College. This year’s list of 1891 Society members is below and includes over 275 generous alumni and friends.

Many members make monthly gifts of $160 or more to reach or exceed $1,891 during the fiscal year. Gifts may be unrestricted or may be restricted to specific scholarships, chairs or programs. Gifts at this level often result in significant tax benefits for the donor.

Most importantly, gifts from 1891 Society members allow us to address the highest of all needs at the College and help create opportunities for students and faculty to have a direct and dramatic impact on campus, in the community and throughout the world.

Members of the 1891 Society receive the following benefits:

  • An invitation to the annual 1891 Society reception at the President’s Home
  • Special communications from the President throughout the year;
  • Invitations to campus and regional lectures, concerts and other events;
  • Special occasions for involvement with the President and other campus leaders;
  • Personalized certificate recognizing 1891 Society membership.

For more information on joining the 1891 Society, please contact Annie Morrison, director of the Boone Fund, at 208-459-6061 or amorrison@collegeofidaho.edu.

CURRENT MEMBERS of the 1891 society

Dr. Gary & Joyce Adams

James Alderman

Dr. George & Marie Allen

Gregory Allen

Rob Aravich

Dr. Louie & Barbara Attebery

Douglas & Sandra Axen

James Bailey

Brian Bailey

Dr. Craig Baird

Dr. Dean & Darlene Barnhouse

Dr. Delwyn & Susan Baker

Tricia Baur

John & Linda Bequette

Harry Bettis

Curt Beukelman

Russell Biggam

Dr Ron & Mary Bitner

Jan & Anna Boles

Buzz & Roberta Bonaminio

Curt & Claire Bowden

Jarrell & Norma Brewer

Doug & Elizabeth Brigham

Mike & Cara Bruett

Dean & Judy Buffington

Tim & Sue Bundgard

Bruce & Sherry Carbary

Solon & Elena Carlson

Dr. Darrell & Margaret Carney

Michael & Cindy Caughlin

Matthew & Heidi Chasan

William & Mary Clark

Larry & Marilyn Cope

Bill & Berit Crookham

George & Keri Crookham

Mary Crookham

Deborah Cruzen Murray

Jim & Honorable Candy Dale

Don & Patricia Deters

Robert & Suzanne Drager

Allen & Dixie Dykman

Scott & Sherry Eddy

Betsy Eldredge

Janet Eldridge

Mike & Rebecca Elliott

Stuart & Lori Emry

John Engels

Andy & Shannon Erstad

Dr. Barbara Ertter

Dr. John & Crete Exner

John Ferguson

Dennis & Brandon Fitzpatrick

Bradly & Margene Ford

George Forschler

Conrad & Whitney Frank

Barry & Margaret Fujishin

Thomas & Sheila Fukawa

Patrick Garrity

Vern & Marian Gentry

Dr. Justus George

Scott & Dawn Gipson

Joe & Pam Glaisyer

Larry & Kathy Glover

Michael & Lisa Goddard

Kimberly Grane

Michael & Suzanne Graves

Ron Graves & Diane Plastino Graves

Dr. Don Greer

Jim & Tami Grigsby

Geraldine Gurley

Dr. Rich & Lynne Haensli

Buck & Julie Harris

Richard & Elizabeth Hazen

Carolyn Heithecker

Dr. Erik & Dr. Sara Heggland

Dr. Marv & Laurie Henberg

Don & Iris Hendrickson

Lt Col Franklin G. & Sondra Hill

Kurt & Coleen Hoffman

Eileen Hogan

William & Hanne Hohlt

Marty & Cheryl Holly

Dr. Eugene & Patricia Holsinger

Dorothy Houston

Robert Houston

Dr. Kevin Hulsey & Ms. Leslie Mauldin

Michael Hummel &Suzanne Boyle

Kenneth Howell & Bernadine Marconi

Dr. George Jelinek

Margie Jones

George & Sondra Juetten

LaMont & Vicki Keen

Ben & Joan Kerfoot

Calvin Kidney

Jeffrey & Carol Klassen

Dr. Steve & Dr. Ann Koga

Robert & Janet Komoto

Judith Krueger

Bill & Constance Kundrat

Jack & Pamela Lemley

Cisco & Mary Lou Limbago

Jack & Ella Link

Dr. Wally & Luise Lonergan

Bob & Vicki Madden

Randall & Cheryl Marshall

Steven & Janelle Marx

Bill & Sara Mason

Dr. Donald Mathews & Ms Elizabeth Buford

Dr. John Matthew & Reverand Judy McKay

Bernie McCain

Conlyn & Stacy McCain

John & Hanna McGee

Polly McNeill

Charles Knox & Janet Meeks

Ray & Nancy Melville

Jamie & Zel Mertz

Jim & Kathryn Mertz

Ed Miller & Terisa Stein

Beverly Mills

Mark & Peggy Mimura

Jeff & Angela Miner

Gary & Susan Multanen

Cliff & Alma Nash

Ray & Nancy Neilsen

Burton & Debra Newbry

Jason & Andrea Nilson

Michael O'Donnell

Richard & Lisa Ogle

Fred & Francie Oliver

Pete & Barrie O'Neill

Arthur & Esther Oppenheimer

Josh Oppenheimer

Matt Oppenheimer

F. Edward Osborne

John & Vicki Park

Becky Parkinson

Scott & Mary Pasley

Sandy Pasley

Robert & Juanitta Pearson

Gary & Ann Peterson

Susan Peterson

Louise Peterson

Robert Plumb II

Grant & Kim Porter

Tink Prairie

Daniel & Jana Price

Dr. Donald & Rose Price

Ona Rausch

Don Ricker

Kevin Rignehagen

Dr Dick & Ro Roberge

Donald & Patricia Rodman

Rev Philip & Sage Rogers

Kyle & Dr. Lindsay Sales

Gregory & Dr. Kristyn Schelhaas

Bill & Jennie Schow

Jeffrey & Theresa Shinn

Brian & Linda Shirley

Jim & Betty Simpson

Dr. Jim & Mary Smith

Dr. Mark & Debie Smith

Richard Sobota

Dr. Nick Spanakos

Frank Specht

Michael & Jennie Stephenson

Mike Stoddard & Ms. Diane Minnich

Melanie Stone

Paul & Margaret Street

Dr. Gary & Helen Strine

Dr. Gene & Joni Sullivan

Shawna Swanson

John & Ruth Sype

Jeff & Christal Taylor

Julie Taylor

Eric & Tricia Terada

Mike Thomas

Alexander & Nicole Toeldte

Russell & Laura Turner

Brian & Caroline Valle

Eloise Van Slyke

Dr. Gary & Beverly Voyce

Ken Wagers & Justina Pittman-Wagers

Mary Wagers

David & Valerie Ward

Richard & Ruth Weist

Dan Wiebold

Larry & Marianne Williams

Drs. Rick & Shauna Williams

Dr. John Willmorth

Graye & Brenda Wolfe

Ray Wolfe

Chet & Deborah Wood

Mike & Grazyna Woodhouse

Dr. John & Eunice Yost

Stan & Patti Zatica