Founders Society

With Advance The Legacy campaign, the College of Idaho is seeking a new generation of Founders who embrace the legacy of our founders from the past and are willing to make a significant investment in the future. These new founders stand on the shoulders of giants in the College’s history including names like Boone, Strahorn, Blatchley, Simplot, Langroise, Albertson, and so many others. Their dreams for The College of Idaho were matched only by their efforts to achieve them.

The Founders Society includes those who make commitments of $100,000 or more. Founders meet regularly with President Henberg, faculty and students. They share ideas on the vision for the College and gain a deep understanding of the College’s approach to the liberal arts and the meaning and value of a College of Idaho education.

CURRENT MEMBERS of the founders society

Eloise H. Anderson*

Tricia Baur

Harry L. Bettis

Gregory D. Boos*

Doug & Beth Brigham

Dr. Robert D. & Pearlee Buchanan*

James E. Carter

Lloyd E. Cox*

William & Berit Crookham

Diana M. Dron*

David & Deborah Edson*

Scott Gibson

Joseph L. Glaisyer

Kevin & Monette Glenn

Donald L. Greer*

Jim & Tami Grigsby

Marv & Laurie Henberg*

Don & Iris Hendrickson*

Roger & Mary Higdem*

Kurt & Coleen Hoffman

Robert & Leslee Hoover*

Dr. George E. Jelinek*

Robert F. Jeppesen*

Larry W. Johnson*

Dr. F. Blaine Jolley*

George & Sondra Juetten*

Roy & Chris Kapicka*

Anna M. Krebs*

John & Anne Kubas*

Larry & Ilene Leasure

Brent & Carol Lloyd

Dr. Wallace & Luise Lonergan

Dr. Mark C. & Pam Lotspeich*

Dr. John Matthew & Rev Judy McKay*

Merle & Cindy Maxwell

David & Anne McAnaney*

Edward & Von Zae McNelis*

Ray & Nancy Melville

David L. Miller*

Leo Edward Miller & Terisa Stein*

Beverly J. Mills

Walt & A.K. Minnick

Ray & Nancy Neilsen

P. Robert & Mary Nicholes*

Richard & Lisa Ogle

Peter & Barrie O’Neill*

F. Edward Osborne

Gov. C.L. “Butch” & Lori Otter

Joe & Rebecca Parkinson

John & Julie Rember*

Dr. Richard T. & Rowena Roberge*

Donald & Patricia Rodman*

Elizabeth S. Salmons*

Dr. Jim & Mary Smith

Dr. Franklin C. Specht*

John S. Springer*

Maryan Stephens*

Robert & Martha Stolz*

Dr. Eugene C. & Joni Sullivan*

Mary Wagers

Graye & Brenda Wolfe

Chet & Deborah Wood

Eloise L. Van Slyke*

This list is current as of January 23, 2013.  The College also has several Founders Society members who wish to remain anonymous.

* Estate commitment is included in this total.

The College also receives funds in excess of $100,000 from Foundations which are listed on the Grants page