Gifts of Stock

Stock Gift Instructions

Below are the instructions you requested for making a stock gift to The College of Idaho. Please be sure to let us know which fund you would like to designate your gift to.

Please contact your broker and request the stock be transferred to D.A. Davidson & Co., the College’s broker. The contact information is as follows:

D.A. Davidson & Co.
101 S Capital Blvd., Suite 1800
Boise, ID 83702

800-413-2326 (toll free)

Associate name is Rhonda St. Claire, 208-383-5234, [email protected]

Your broker will need the following information:

DTC # 0361
FBO: The College of Idaho/Your name

The recognition of the stock gift will take up to two weeks. We will send you a tax deductible receipt as soon as we receive the information from our broker.