Government, Law, Education, Technology and Other Alumni

Butch Otter '67

Governor of Idaho


  • Dr. Peggy (Margaret) Anderson '62 former Athletic Director, Eastern Oregon University
  • Devon Barker '94 world-class kayaker
  • R.C. Owens '53 Former NFL football player. Deceased.
  • Elgin Baylor '58 NBA hall-of-Famer
  • Carolyn (Curl) Skyer '93 World speed record holder on bike and skis, 1997 National Off-Road Triathlon Champion


  • Marthetta M. "Muffie" Blakely '78 San Francisco-based entertainer, singer and songwriter.
  • Ray Gabbard '88 Traveling Company - Phantom of the Opera and other productions 
  • Paul J. Smith '27 Academy Award-winning composer and arranger for Walt Disney Studios. Deceased. 
  • Zella Strickland '62 Widely exhibited artist in the West with emphasis on animal life, currently a television court artist for KTVB - Channel 7 with work featured nationally. 
  • Dr. Elmer R. Thomas '56 Director of Choral Studies, College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. Retired.


  • F. Jay Breidt '87, PhD. Chair, Department of Statistics Colorado State University 
  • Dr. Gene M. Brown '47 Dean of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
  • Cary Coglianese '85, PhD., J.D. 
  • Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Dr. Francisco Garcia '67 Director of Minority Education, U.S. Department of Education. 
  • Dr. Sherrel Hammar '53 Dir of the U. of Hawaii School of Medicine, retired. Chairman of the Hawaiian Medical Association. 
  • Robert L. Hendren, Jr. '86 Former President, The College of Idaho. 
  • Dr. Harry A. Hultgren '50 Chairman, College of Arts and Sciences and Department of Classical Languages, Ohio University. 
  • Dr. Francis Knapp '49 Chairman, Department of Biology, Stetson University. Retired. 
  • Dr. Robert Kysar '56 Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching and New Testament, Chandler School of Theology, Emory University. 
  • Dr. Paul L. Murphy '47 Professor of History, University of Minnesota, and one of America's top scholars in American constitutional history. 
  • Dr. Erling Skorpen '54 Chairman, Department of Philosophy, University of Maine.
  • Dr. Larry E. Suter '65 Senior Statistician, Program Director, ROLE, Division of Research, Evaluation and Communication, National Science Foundation. 


  • Richard D. Hahn '55 Deputy Assistant Secretary of Operations, U.S. Department of Energy. 
  • C.L. "Butch" Otter '67 Governor of Idaho. Former U.S. Congressman. Former Lieutenant Governor, State of Idaho. 
  • Gov. Elmo Smith '32 Former Governor, State of Oregon. Deceased. 
  • Gov. Robert Smylie '38 Former Governor, State of Idaho. Deceased.
  • Klaus Scharioth '71 Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States

International Affairs

  • Richard C. Price '76 General Services Officer, US Department of State, Foreign Services
  • Ravic Huso '73 US Ambassador, Retired. Career Senior Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State. Washington, DC.


  • Clare Conley '51 Editor-in-Chief, Outdoor Life Magazine. Deceased. 
  • John Killen '73 City Editor, The Portland Oregonian. 
  • Glenda Martin '57 Publisher, Minnesota Women's Press, Inc.
  • Joan Houston Hall '68 Chief Editor, Dictionary of American Regional English


  • Fritz E. Attaway '68 Senior Counsel and Vice President, Motion Picture Association of America. 
  • Hon. Charles P. Brumbach '67 Magistrate Judge, State of Idaho. 
  • Hon. Candy Dale '79 Federal Magistrate Judge.
  • Ronald Graves '65 Gen. Counsel, Simplot Corp., retired. 
  • Larry Harvey '61 Dean, Willamette University Law School. Deceased. 
  • Loretta Warner Holway '53 First Idaho woman accepted by Harvard Law School. Currently a lawyer with a Boston law firm.
  • Hon. Warren E. Jones '65 Idaho Supreme Court Justice
  • Hon. Edward Lodge '57 Federal District Judge, Boise.
  • Allen Neece '64 Legislative Counsel to the Senate Small Business Committee Founder Cantor and Associates, Inc. 
  • Michael Neville '73 Deputy Attorney General, State of California.
  • Paul Rowan '80 General Counsel, Albertsons Inc.
  • Justice Gerald Schroeder '61 Idaho Supreme Court Justice. Retired.
  • Paul M. Tinker '69 Former Chief Deputy Attorney General, State of Utah. 
  • Hon. Paul W. White '30 Supreme Court Justice, State of Nebraska. Retired.
  • William L. "Bill" Richardson '60 Former Chief Judge, State of Oregon Court of Appeals


  • Bret Arsenault '87 CEO, E Business Solutions Group, Microsoft
  • Tom Rankin '83 Senior Software Engineer for
  • David Roberts '81 Founder, Rich 3-D Development Network