Friends of the Herbarium

The Friends of the Herbarium is a loosely knit group that supports ongoing projects in the Herbarium. Currently, these efforts or projects include:

  • Field trips to new areas or to locate new specimens
  • Mounting plants from the Owyhee Flora project and other projects
  • Databasing the collection
  • Preparing digitized images of the collection
  • Taxonomic "Herbarium Days" in which local botanists review interesting or troubling plant specimens
  • Preparation of Herbarium Art--matted, clip frame prints, and notecards are prepared from selected specimens and sold to raise funds in support of other projects

VOLUNTEER opportunities can be found in all of these areas. For further information, please contact Don Mansfield, Juanita Sosa Manzo, or Alexa DiNicola.

Become a MEMBER of the Friends of the Herbarium to support these ongoing projects by completing the form below. 

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