Education in Motion

Discover how your body works and learn how to keep it in top shape

The Department of Kinesiology provides opportunities to study the science of human movement and gain hands-on experience while enhancing the quality of life by linking all campus life to positive and healthful living for College of Idaho students. You will work closely with faculty while you study kinesiology through the College’s unique PEAK curriculum, and graduate prepared to help yourself and others achieve lifelong wellness.

Why study kinesiology at The College of Idaho?

At The College of Idaho students can pursue two different PEAK majors, Physical Education and Exercise Science, or three PEAK minors, Coaching, Health Education and Physical Education.  In addition the department offers a unique blend of activity courses in 6-week blocks (except winter term which is 4 weeks) that assist and provide our students with opportunities to explore or enrich a healthy environment. Students also gain practical experience in the Department of Kinesiology’s Human Performance Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility that introduces C of I students to current physiological testing (40 different tests), uses of Wingate, MVO2, lactate and metabolic testing using a treadmill or bicycle.

Career opportunities for kinesiology majors/minors

Studying kinesiology at The College of Idaho prepares strong, healthy and knowledgeable graduates who are prepared to succeed in a variety of fields. Our alumni include K-12 teachers, coaches, personal trainers, physical and occupational therapists, and graduate students in medical school (and physicians assistant programs). Other potential fields of work include nutrition and dietetics, biomechanics, physiology, sport psychology, motor development and learning, and exercise science. No matter what career you choose, a healthy mind and a healthy body is a recipe for success.

Proposed changes in health-related curricula

The College is restructuring course offerings for students interested in health-related professions and reorganizing the majors most commonly chosen by these students.  The proposed curricula will offer greater flexibility and better integration with PEAK.

We are planning to offer three new and revised majors - Health Sciences, Human Performance & Exercise Physiology - referred to as Health & Human Performance (HHP) majors. Additional details are available here.