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2008. 03. 17.

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C of I President Bob Hoover announces his retirement

After five years at The College of Idaho, President Bob Hoover announced this morning that he will retire in June 2009, or sooner if the College’s Board of Trustees finds a replacement earlier. The trustees will begin a national search immediately.

“My five years at The College of Idaho are among the most rewarding I have had in my 37 years in higher education,” Hoover said. “The trustees are wonderful to me. I enjoy the faculty and staff immensely. The students are the best with whom I have ever worked.”

Hoover said the decision to retire was difficult, but that he wants to be able to spend more time with his family.

“As much as I have loved being president of this college, my focus has changed,” Hoover said. “I love my wife, children and grandchildren and I want to be with them and enjoy them more often.”

Hoover came to The College of Idaho in 2003, during a time when the college was struggling financially. Since he became president, the College has secured more than $80 million in grants and gifts, which allowed the College to increase its endowment and award more scholarships.

Much of that money came from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, which in October announced it was giving the College $50 million, the largest gift ever given to a higher education institution in Idaho and, at the time, the ninth largest gift ever given to a liberal arts college in the United States.

“I believe The College of Idaho is a stronger institution than when I joined the community five years ago,” Hoover said. “The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson gift provides the foundation for a successful college in the years ahead. Further, with Foundation’s support, the college has maintained the important core of its faculty and staff strength during those difficult crisis years.”

In addition to increasing its endowment and scholarships, the College increased enrollment and improved the quality of its incoming students during Hoover’s administration. This year’s freshman class of nearly 250 students was one of the largest the College has ever had.

“The College of Idaho has been extremely fortunate to have Bob Hoover as its president during the last five years,” Board Chairman Gerald Baur said. “Under President Hoover’s leadership, we’ve increased fundraising, scholarships and enrollment. Our new president will help lead our $175 million comprehensive fundraising campaign, which will bring even more improvements to campus.”

Hoover, 66, said his time at The College of Idaho has been enormously satisfying, but that he and Leslee are looking forward to a more relaxed pace in retirement.

“We’ll travel, spend time with our children and grandchildren, and enjoy the beauty and recreation that Idaho and the West have to offer,” Hoover said.