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2006. 09. 14.

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Students Sign On to Honor Code

Albertson College of Idaho will hold the first, and only, Honor Code Signing Ceremony next week. The Honor Code was adopted by a vote of the student body last spring. The implementation of the code will begin on Tuesday, September 19 at 11:30 a.m. as students sign their names below the pledge. In future years, new students will add their signatures to the Honor Code register during Convocation exercises. The Honor Code states the values held by the collective students of Albertson College of Idaho and is designed to give students more autonomy in their own governance. Read the Honor Code online.

Student Duo Evokes Howls with Newscast

Two students have taken the lead in an effort to create an CofI newscast. 'It was something we both did for our high schools and we thought it would be really cool to have a newscast for the college,' Patrick Dougherty said. Dougherty and Nicholas Franklin dubbed their news program Howl. The first episode covers the Hoover wedding reception, convocation, dorm life, and Coyote Soccer. The newscast can be viewed online. Franklin said they hope to expand the content of the show in the coming weeks and months.

Alumni Add Knowledge to Board

Chairman Jerry Baur isn't the only alumnus who will have a hand in decisions governing the College this year — four of the five new members joining the Albertson College of Idaho Board of Trustees this fall are also graduates. Kim Crane '78 is the Knowledge Integration Chief for the Threat Reduction Support Center/SAIC in Alexandria, Virginia. John McGee '95 is a former ASACI President and a current State Senator for Idaho Legislative District 10. Larry Cope '66 is the President and CEO of Clear Springs Foods, Inc., which is one of the largest producers of Rainbow Trout in the nation. Kurt Hoffman '88 is the President and CEO of Sundance Diamonds, Co. Jim Mertz will also join the board, replacing his wife Kathy Mertz. The Mertz’s have shown their dedication, and that of the Symms family, to the College over the years and we are grateful for their continued service. The new faces will certainly add fresh insights to the discussions of the CofI Board of Trustees.

Professor Educates on Sustainability

Albertson College of Idaho Director of Environmental Studies, Rochelle Johnson will help educate other professors on techniques to teach sustainability. Johnson will present a lecture entitled Teaching Sustainability through Story: The Role of Writing Local Natural History during the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference, in Tempe, Arizona, October 4-6.

New Curators add Depth of Experience to Museum Staff

Three new scientists have recently joined the volunteer staff of the Orma J. Smith Natural History Museum. The Museum Board of Directors approved Alan R. Gillogly, PhD, James K. Ryan, PhD, and Janet L. Summers-Duffy as curators. Gillogly is the new curator of entomology with emphasis in beetles (Coleoptera.) He earned his doctorate in Entomology from Texas A&M University. Ryan will serve as a curator of entomology and assist with the curation of true bugs (Hemiptera) and with various educational projects. Ryan has advanced degrees in entomology and arctic invertebrates from UC Berkley and the University of Alberta. Summers-Duffy comes to the museum from New York. She has advanced degrees in archaeology and Egyptology from Penn State and Trinity Universities. She has taken on the assistant curator position in Ethnology and is helping William Nance curate the Native American and other ethnological materials. These three curators bring a world of experience and expertise to the museum and the College.