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2008. 09. 04.

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President Bob Hoover delivers State of the College address

President Bob Hoover delivered his fall State of the College address to members of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff on Thursday, Aug. 28. Below are highlights of the speech. To read the whole speech, click here:

  • As we enter the 118th year of The College of Idaho, welcome to the first State of the College address for 2008-2009.

  • In the time since we last met, the College has lost some important friends:

    J.R. “Jack” Simplot died several days after we last met in May 2008. Mr. Simplot would have been 100 years old this coming January. We plan to celebrate his 100th birthday with the rededication of remodeled Simplot Residence Hall.

    Earlier this month, another icon of The C of I philanthropic history died — Warren McCain. He was a long-time Board member. He and his wife Bernie established the Bernie McCain Chair of Philosophy which Terry Mazurak holds. And most recently, he was most instrumental in laying out the strategy to approach the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation for financial support. Warren was a dear friend and I will miss him.
  • To begin my remarks, as I enter my 6th year with The College of Idaho I continue to be amazed and proud of many of the things that take place here.

  • And this was never so true than in the last month given a particular episode I want to share with you.

  • The College enrolled last year a young distance runner and excellent student from Kenya by the name of Kip Langat.

  • Kip left Kenya amid the political unrest that was sparked in January after President Mwai Kibaki was re-elected. As a consequence, Kip has not been able to pay his tuition bill, room and board, etc.

  • Nevertheless, he earned at 3.68 grade point average, despite being out of school for a few years, participated in track, becoming one of the team’s most promising distance runners, and he involved himself in student clubs like the International Student Organization.

  • However, without financial support, Kip was going to have to return to Kenya and we were worried about what would happen to him once he did.

  • We brought his plight to the attention of friends and alumni in a C of I newsletter in July and the response has been extraordinary.

  • We had many donors along with one significant donor and we have raised over $100,000 to support Kip’s first year here and the next three years — tuition, room and board. Extraordinary.

  • To continue his story, Kip worked on the campus grounds this summer in maintenance and operations and he was befriended by so many of our staff there, but especially Karl Smith.

  • Kip didn’t own a computer so Karl decided to raise money for Kip to purchase a computer and went from department to department across campus this week seeking support for the purchase of a computer.

  • Karl was successful and to compete the story, IT got Kip up and running yesterday.

  • This is why I love this college so very much and the story represents the unique spirit that defines this wonderful place

  • Thanks Karl for what you have done for Kip and thanks to the rest of you for caring.

  • Besides finding support for Kip, the campus was extremely busy the past three months and I have provided a handout on the things that have changed while many of you have been away.

  • Special Events and Conference Services was a very significant part of this summer’s campus activities – in the last three summers they grew the number of summer attendees from 310 to 1,027. I thank Jill Pilote and her crew for a job well done!

  • Chris Anton, Maintenance and Operations, and IT have had an exceptional but terribly demanding summer getting the campus ready for fall classes.

  • The College of Idaho’s vision the past five years has been formulated around strategic plans VSTF I, VSTF II and VSTF IIA.

  • As I read them, there are nine major goals in these plans:

  • First and foremost, there is the focus of The C of I on our traditional liberal arts mission. I believe the data confirms and other more normative evidence suggests that we have made progress on this goal – the quality of our freshman classes have improved, our retention and graduation rates have improved, the percentage of alumni participation in yearly gifts has improved, and we have made progress financial support of our students.

  • A second goal was to enhance those pre-professional programs that have been part of our heritage — education, business, and health science programs. We have added new leadership to two of these departments and will add a faculty position shared between physical education and biology to support the third program.

  • The reestablishment of C of I’s financial stability was the third goal – a fundamental necessity!! We have made progress in this endeavor.

  • I thank John Klockentager and his people for what looks like a banner year. At the moment the average ACT is 24.1; The 75th percentile is 29.9, The 25th percentile is 21.7; average GPA is 3.6 for our new first year students.

  • A second part of this financial goal was enhanced friend-raising and private fund-raising and the pursuit of other revenue sources compatible with our liberal arts mission. A most important part of the future is the rise in the percentage of alumni now making gifts.

  • A third part of the financial goal is to manage effectively the endowment and grow it as well.

  • The fourth dimension of this goal was to control costs. We are very frugal and have made budgets as amended at the end of each year. I hope we all realize that the College remains out of balance in that our budget is larger than the revenue from the annual fund, tuition and auxiliaries, and our policy of 4.5% on our endowment.

  • The fourth goal was to establish a strategic communications plan to increase the knowledge about The C of I on-campus as well as the visibility of The C of I off-campus and thus our interests in the larger Idaho community and region.

  • We made an assessment of our image and strategies to work on that increased visibility and improved image of The College.

  • We initiated a marketing campaign and expanded it during the name change period to focus on several themes associated with “Idaho’s liberal arts college” and its value to students and the state.

  • Fifth, leadership. I believe that faculty leadership, staff leadership, student leadership, trustee leadership, alumni leadership, and the heads of the College’s divisions —academic leadership, finance and administration, enrollment management, advancement, student services, athletics, and communications — are all on a different plane of action then they were in 2003.

  • The sixth goal was to increase the diversity on this campus and we have done that two ways. First, our Latino population has expanded significantly in recent years. Second, our international population has expanded significantly as well – we will enroll nearly 60 international students on campus this fall.

  • And of course a recruiter like Brian Bava and his admission partners has been key to making this happen.

  • The seventh goal was to continue to build on the progress prior made to the summer of 2003 in relationships with the Caldwell community and the growing sense of revitalization of the city in which C of I lives.

  • The College has two significant collaborative ventures with the city are underway as well. First, the City is constructing a new baseball facility and we are a partner in this venture. Second, the City, the Caldwell High School, and The C of I Athletic Department are exploring the upgrading of the Caldwell High track and field to a nationally competitive NAIA track and field site.

  • The eighth goal was to maintain the physical plant of the College and enhance the campus’ beauty.

  • The College has that effort underway with the remodeling of Simplot Hall this past summer and coming fall; we will begin remodeling Hayman Hall in January.

  • The 1st phase of the library remodel is now nearly completed and I hope you will stop by to see how Christine, IT, Maintenance and Operations have used the first Congressional earmark to support The C of I library.

  • Finally, something not clearly part of these plans but something I have been committed to was the reestablishment of the College’s science reputation.

  • In the recent past, I believe our reputation for science education was diminishing in the world around us.

  • Now I believe we have reached a point where The College of Idaho can return to Murdock and other foundations with a demonstrable science culture that will attract significant financial support in the years ahead.

  • I think we can be proud of the many achievements you have made toward the goals of VSTF I, VSTF II and VSTF IIa. I thank you your support in these efforts and look forward to more progress this year.

New faculty and staff introduced

The following new faculty and staff were introduced at President Bob Hoover’s State of the College address:

New staff introduced by Michael Vandervelden, vice president for advancement:

  • Share Maack — Director of foundation and corporate relations

  • Frances Nagashima — Director of alumni relations

  • Chuck Knox — Planned giving/major gifts officer

  • Barry Fujishin — Not a new employee, but in a new role as a major gifts officer

  • Courtney Carissimi — Not a new employee, but in a new role as college relations coordinator

  • Leslee Hoover — She is filling in as the gifts processor while Kelly Lacey is on maternity leave

New business office, IT and maintenance and operation staff introduced by Chris Anton, vice president of finance and administration:

  • Kathy Robertson — PT A/P business officer

  • Keith Johnson — Datatel/IT

  • Dave Sanford — Support specialist II

  • Tina Cantrell — Staff accountant

  • Suzanne Carrasco — Admin assistant in maintenance and operations

New staff introduced by John Klockentager, vice president for enrollment management:

  • Jaci McGrew — Has added admission counseling responsibilities to her campus visitation responsibilities

  • Karli Bell — New admission counselor replacing Elaine Playstead and will have responsibility for Campus Events

  • Russ Snow — New transfer counselor replacing Charlene Brown

  • Brian Bava — Not-so-new director of admission replacing Charlene Brown

New student services staff introduced by Paul Bennion, acting vice president for student affairs and dean of students:

  • Ben Becktold — CCMI Campus Ministries Intern

  • Emily Strickler — CCMI Campus Ministries Intern

  • Justin Waldron — Hall director

New athletic department staff introduced by athletic director Marty Holly:

  • Alisha Seachris — part-time trainer

  • Mindy Bennett — Volleyball

  • Derek Riggs — Volleyball

  • Mike Reagan — Men’s soccer

New faculty and department staff introduced by Mark Smith, vice president for academic affairs:

  • Heidi Caye — Instructor in environmental studies

  • Joe Daglen — Instructor in biology and physics

  • Chris Dalton — Visiting assistant professor in history

  • Mohammed Faheem — Visiting assistant professor in physics

  • Joanna Guild — Instructor in math

  • Tim Hogue — Instructor in business

  • Merideth Humphries — Instructor in biology

  • Meredeth Minear — Visiting assistant professor in psychology

  • Sean Rogers — Instructor in music

  • Spenser Smith — Paraprofessional in Biology and Chemistry

Monthly museum workday is Saturday

The monthly volunteer workday at the Orma J. Smith Natural History Museum is Saturday, Sept. 6 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Volunteers may come for all or part of the day.

The lunch seminar will be presented by Jan Summers Duffy on the topic of “Boise's Prehistoric site.” Please note that this is a change from the title that was previously on the schedule.

Trustee News

McGee family welcomes new baby

Trustee John McGee (‘95) and his wife Hanna welcomed their first child on Saturday, Aug. 30. Madalyn Anne (Maddie) McGee was 6 lbs. 15 oz. and was 21 inches long.

“We could not be more happy and excited to have such a beautiful and healthy baby,” John said. “Thank you for your many prayers and notes of congratulations.”

Life after The C of I: Where are we now?

Faculty, grads, proud parents and others – send news to Jennifer Oxley of where our students and alumni are so we can keep everyone updated.

Cindy Anderson (‘97) received her MA in organizational leadership from George Fox University Boise Center in June 2008. She has been accepted into the PhD program in organization and management at Capella University beginning September 2008.

Eric Jensen (‘91) an engineer at AceCo Precision Manufacturing, was part of the team that made Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong’s “Golden Edge Chain Catcher,” which allowed her to stabilize her bike chain and shift gears without delaying her pedal strokes.

Luke Malek (’04) will be attending the University of Idaho Law School. He was accepted into both Gonzaga and the U of I.

Drew Sellers (‘94) shot this photo in southeast Alaska on a seven-day humpback whale watch with a friend who is a professional photographer. They found this pod of whales in Icy Strait and spent the day and evening photographing them. “It was a tremendous behavior to watch and document and it was exhilaration to listen to them sing as they coordinated their movements and hunts,” Sellers said. Since graduating from The C of I, Sellers went to graduate school at Oregon State University and has been doing postdoctoral work at the University of Washington since 2002.

Summer Stevenson (‘00) and her husband Ryan welcomed their first daughter, Elizabeth Marie Stevenson on Aug. 14. She weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 19.7 in. long.

The C of I in the News

A photo of student Cameron Galindo was on the front page of the community section of the Idaho Press-Tribune on Monday.

Upcoming Events

Tibetan monks to create sand art beginning Sept. 17; perform in Jewett Sept. 19

Tibetan monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery will create a sand Mandala over four days in Jewett Auditorium in September beginning with an opening ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 17 at noon. Construction will continue from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday and from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday. A closing ceremony will be held Saturday, Sept. 20 at 1 p.m.

While the monks create the Mandala, other participants can create a sand painting of their own designed by a local artist and using some of the same techniques.

During the closing ceremony, the monks will distribute sand to audience members. The remainder will be carried in a procession to Indian Creek at 7th and Kimball and ceremonially poured into the water, dispersing the healing energies throughout the world.

The monks will perform music and dance on Friday, Sept. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in Jewett Auditorium. The famed singers, whose sellout performances in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center received national acclaim, will perform “Sacred Music, Sacred Dance for World Healing.”

Tickets for the performance are $22-$28 for adults and $16-$22 for students. They are available online, by phone at 459-3405 or 459-5783 and at the door. Admission to watch the Mandala creation is free.

Langroise Trio Concert Series begins Sept. 19

The 2008 Langroise Trio Concert Series begins Sept. 19 with works by Schubert, Mozart/Bach and an original piece by Jim Cockey that was written for the Trio. The Langroise Trio, The C of I’s artists-in-residence, are Geoffrey Trabichoff, violin; David Johnson, viola; and Samuel Smith, cello.

Dates and programs are:

Schubert, Mozart/Bach and Jim Cockey original piece

  • Friday, Sept. 19 – Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy in Boise at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.

  • Saturday, Sept. 20 – Langroise Recital Hall, The College of Idaho, at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Martinu/Johnson, Boccherini, Bartok, Kodaly/Johnson, and featuring guest artists Seth Mattison, violin and Kyla Davidson, cello

  • Friday, Nov. 7 – Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy in Boise at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.

  • Saturday, Nov. 8 – Langroise Recital Hall, The College of Idaho at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Coyote Open is Sept. 26

The 25th Annual Coyote Open Golf Tournament is for Friday, Sept. 26 at Falcon Crest Golf Club in Kuna. The Coyote Open has 175 players and over 110 sponsors per year and helps support athletics at The College of Idaho.

To secure a spot in the tournament for yourself or a team, or to support the tournament as a sponsor, contact Dave Hahn by email or phone at 459-5835.

C of I Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies Oct. 2-3

The College of Idaho Athletic Department will hold induction ceremonies for the 1953 football team; football, basketball and baseball coach Sam Vokes; and women’s field hockey coach Shirley Kroeger.

A welcome reception will be held Thursday, Oct. 2 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the McCain Student Union. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is on Friday, Oct. 3 in Simplot Dining Hall. The ceremony begins with a cocktail hour at 5 p.m., dinner at 6 p.m. and the ceremony at 7 p.m.

Coach Vokes’ wife Ina and daughter Sandy are planning to attend as is Coach Kroeger. Several members of the 1953 football team or their families are expected to attend including: Ed Bonaminio, Pete Douroux, Bill Kundrat, R.C. Owens, Chuck Ruby, Ted Shannon, George Shull, Rano Sullivan, Harlan Geach, John Park, Donna Shannon (Bill), Barbara Rich (Don), Bernie Kahahawai (Joe), Joe Jakubowski (Walt), Jerry Cole (Coach Eddie Cole).

For more information, please contact Dick Carrow at 871-8863 or by email.

Taste of the Harvest scholarship fundraiser is Oct. 4

The C of I’s annual Taste of the Harvest scholarship fundraiser will be held Saturday, Oct. 4 in the Morrison Quadrangle. Taste of the Harvest brings together Idaho’s wineries, food producers and craftspeople and provides opportunities for attendees to sample and buy locally produced wines, foods and crafts. The event raises money for scholarships for the children of migrant farmworkers.

Jobs at The C of I

Staff Openings

  • Business Office Assistant
  • Maintenance Craftsman
  • Maintenance & Operations Custodian

For complete job descriptions and application instructions go to http://www.collegeofidaho.edu/jobs. EEO


  • The C of I alumni directory is now online and available to anyone with a college email address. Alumni and other users can look for classmates by name, by civic interests, careers, locations, and more as long the person has authorized the release of that information. It also allows alumni to update and modify their own information. To link to the alumni directory, click here. To sign up for an alumni email address, click here.

  • Don’t forget that The C of I is on Facebook – join The College of Idaho Official group, get in touch with classmates and see what current and former students are doing.

  • Idaho license plates with The College of Idaho name and logo are for $35 the first year they are purchased, which is in addition to the annual vehicle registration fee. They are $25 plus annual fees for each subsequent renewal. The College of Idaho receives $25 from the sale of new plates and $15 from each renewal, which goes to its scholarship and academic programs.

    Personalized and sample license plates can be ordered online. Non-personalized plates are available at any county auto licensing office in Idaho.