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2009. 04. 30.

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Yotes beat Broncos in final debate rankings; 20th place finish means shift in program

Howlin’ Yotes Kat Sillonis, Luke Floyd, Ben Losinski, Aaron Mondada, Kris Cruz and Amy Bennett with their NPDA award

The College of Idaho debate team, the Howlin’ Yotes, finished 20th out of more than 300 schools that competed in National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA) sanctioned tournaments this season.

Results were announced recently at the NPDA Championship Tournament at the University of the Pacific. The Boise State University Broncos, the Yotes rivals, ranked 40th. To see the complete rankings, click here.

The Yotes previous best finish was in 1999 when they ranked 24th. The team has ranked in the top 50 every season since 1998.

Most of the NPDA’s top schools focus all their resources on debate only and do not compete in speech events – the Yotes compete in 3 types of debate and 11 speech events.

“In many ways, this was a more challenging accomplishment than our 3rd place finish at the Pi Kappa Delta National Championships,” said Mack Sermon, director of speech and debate. “The NPDA Championship really is the most prestigious national championship.”

Sermon said the Yotes high ranking has triggered a shift in focus for the program, which will now target the NPDA Debate Championship as its top goal. Sermon said he has been considering this move for several years, but budget restrictions have limited the number of tournaments the team can attend. He thought it put the Yotes at a disadvantage.

“However, we only went to six tournaments this year and we are just as good as the schools that went to 20,” he said. “The Northwest has the strongest debate teams in the country so the top competition will come to us. It is similar to a move from NAIA to NCAA in athletics.”

British Parliamentary-style debate is the most popular form of debate in the world and is taught in various forms at more than 1,000 colleges and universities on six continents.

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Fourth annual Student Research Conference this Saturday

The C of I will host its fourth annual Student Research Conference on Saturday, May 2 from 1-6 p.m. Posters will be displayed in the Langroise foyer, presentations will take place in Kathryn Albertson International Center (KAIC), and performances will be in the Langroise Recital Hall. The conference is free and open to the public.

Several presentations that will be given at the research conference are receiving local and national attention including:

  • “Energy Implications of Cellular Proliferation in the United States,” by seniors Ben Coate and Zach Kopplin and junior Nate Landis which was awarded an “Outstanding” designation in the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) 2009 Mathematical Competition in Modeling. The C of I was one of just 11 teams to win this award out of more than 2,000 papers submitted. The paper focuses on cell phone rechargers and the energy they waste when plugged into the wall and but not charging the battery. (KAIC 107 at 3:10 p.m.)

  • “Does ‘Mommy Dearest’ predict if Fido will sleep in your bed or backyard? Attachment Theory as it relates to the Human-Pet Relationship” was presented at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association in Albuquerque, N.M. earlier this month by students Tammi O’Rourke and Matt Johansen. The research is a continuation of a project started in 2007 on the human-pet relationship. (KAIC 107 at 2 p.m.)

  • “A Case Study: Gender Specific Classrooms in an Elementary School” was recently presented to the Middleton School Board by students Stephanie Burke and Molli Lee-Painter, who evaluated the all-boy and all-girl classrooms at Middleton Heights Elementary School. (Langroise Foyer poster session 4:30-5:30 p.m.)

Sara Heggland, chair of the Student Research Conference Planning Committee, said she was pleased by the 62 proposals the committee received this year, both for their quality and because they represented a wide variety of disciplines. She said research is an important part of undergraduate education.

“Students get excited about their education when they can explore and investigate beyond the classroom,” said Heggland. “The annual conference is an opportunity for our campus to celebrate student scholarship, research, and creative activities.”

For more information about the Student Research Conference, click here. To see a list of presentations times and locations, click here.

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Last chance to see “A History of Freaks”

Courtesy Dan Lea/Idaho Press-Tribune

“A History of Freaks,” written by Katie May (‘04), concludes its run with shows April 30-May 2 at 7:30 p.m., and May 3 at 2 p.m. in the Langroise Studio Theatre. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for seniors and non-C of I students, and free to C of I students, faculty and staff.

The play is directed by Joe Golden, with scenic design by Lindsay Beacham, costume design by Rachel Reisenauer, lighting design by Deborah Penrod, technical direction by Michael Hartwell and stage management by Nena Curley, Chelsea Stagg and Jessie Davis.

The cast includes: Mauricio Both, Shea Hall, Hannah Buckendorf, Amaya Ingram, Tom Newby, Miranda Drake, Jeff Young, Victoria Hess, Chelsea Watson, Yana Sadouskaya, Lani Boykin, Andrew Lloyd, Gage Egurrola, Oogii Ganbaatar and Russell Hutchins.

The play is about Eve, a tightrope walking circus performer, who struggles to keep her father’s traveling circus alive in an era of skyrocketing gas prices and point-and-click entertainment.

When Joey, Eve’s childhood companion and son of her father’s deceased business partner, returns from university to run the show, they are forced to confront the dark secrets of their past, and the uncertainty of the circus’s future, in a play that explores tradition vs. innovation and what it means to live and perform on the outside of an increasingly digital world.

For more information call 459-5836 and for tickets call 459-5426.

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The C of I hosts events and activities for Earth Day & Arbor Day

The College of Idaho hosted several events and activities last week to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day.

About 40 elm, box elder, maple, honeylocust, flowering crab apple, lindens and flowering plums trees donated by Kevin Glenn (‘87) of IdaGold Nursery were planted by volunteers for Arbor Day, and more will be planted this fall.

Glenn is trying to bring back tree varieties that were originally planted on campus to compliment the landscape and architecture, and is also taking into consideration the type of soil the College has and how easy they are to care for.

Volunteers also helped to plant the College’s organic garden. Produce from the garden will be used by Bon Appetit Management Company, which runs the College’s food service and catering. This is the second season of the garden.

The week’s activities were a collaboration between TERRA, Executive Council, Bon Appétit, Sustainability Council, Outdoor Program, Panhellenic, ASCI, Residence Life, Maintenance & Operations, RHA and Ida-Gold Nursery.

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Student News

Hoffman gets fellowship in China

Brenden Hoffman, a junior biology major, has received a summer research fellowship at Peking University in China through the University of Michigan/Peking University summer undergraduate exchange program in the chemical, biological and life sciences.

A total of 49 students from around the world, including 10-13 from the United States, will work closely with the members of their host laboratories, and will have opportunities to interact with students and others in their host country.

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Sociology students donate to food bank

Students in Social Problems 110 taught by sociology professor Robin Lorentzen collected and delivered 48 pounds of food for the Idaho Food Bank.

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Student awards announced today

The following 148 students were recognized at today’s Student Awards Assembly:

  • Amber M. Anderson – Who's Who Awards; Art - Alice Wolfe Scholarship
  • Cameron Anderson – Past Outdoor Program Directors
  • Kate Arbon – Who's Who Awards; Biology - Outstanding INBRE Student
  • Jessica Lynn Austin – English - Swisher Book Award
  • Johnathan R Baker – Who's Who Awards
  • Jessica Barnes – Who's Who Awards
  • Jason Barry – Who's Who Awards
  • Antonio Bautista – Student Affairs - Nicholas A. Piccolo Outstanding
  • Mark Bechtholt – Who's Who Awards
  • Kathleen Becker – Psychology Outstanding Senior Academic Award
  • Christopher Bengtson – O/Standing Radio Show -Double Scoop
  • Andrew Benoit – Who's Who Awards
  • Cole W Bitzenburg – Who's Who Awards
  • Larissa Blick – Who's Who Awards
  • Brianne Boesiger – Bravo Outstanding Opera/Musical Performance
  • Mauricio Both – Theatre - Alpha Psi Omega Award
  • Kayla Brewer– Who's Who Awards
  • David Brigham – Who's Who Awards
  • Hannah Buckendorf – Theatre - Joan Lonergan Awards
  • Michelle Cain – Who's Who Awards
  • Stephanie Carlson – Who's Who Awards; Psychology Outstanding Senior Academic Award
  • Ashley Carvalho – Who's Who Awards
  • Anna Chapman – Who's Who Awards; Peterson Piano Award
  • Cody Christensen – INBRE Fellowship
  • Benjamin Coate – Who's Who Awards; Scarab Awards
  • James Collet– First Year Calculus Award
  • Courtney Combe – Who's Who Awards
  • Amy Condron – Who's Who Awards; Anth/Soc - O/S Upper Division Student
  • Heather Corey – Who's Who Awards
  • Rachel Daniel – Who's Who Awards
  • Kyla Davidson – Who's Who Awards
  • Brian Dearing – Outstanding Vocal Jazz Musician
  • Jamie Derry – Who's Who Awards; Music - Jim Gabbard Memorial Scholarship
  • Quinton Dowling – Who's Who Awards; Outstanding Senior Biology Major; Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major
  • Jordan Drake – Coyote - Sr. Award; Who's Who Awards
  • Derek Erstad – Best Radio Show Guest; Who's Who Awards; Senior Scholar Athlete; Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major; Scarab Awards
  • Roland Farrens – Past ASACI Intramural Directors
  • Katie Fendrick – Who's Who Awards, Outstanding RA Program - Murder Mystery, Music - Lewis & Jeanette Hower Scholarship Dinner; Music - Jim Gabbard Memorial Scholarship
  • Dayne Filer – Second Year Calculus Award; INBRE Fellowship
  • Codi Fitzgerald – Biology - Dr. William Sype Scholarship; MSTMRI Fellowship
  • Breanna Fletcher – Who's Who Awards; Outstanding French Minor Student
  • Angela Fortunato – Who's Who Awards
  • Morgan Fredericksen – Outstanding Senator
  • Alexandra Gertman – Who's Who Awards
  • Sara Goltry – Who's Who Awards; Scarab Awards
  • Analyn Gourley – Who's Who Awards
  • Jennifer Graham – Past Program Council Directors; Thomas Shearer Awards
  • Ashley Grealish – Who's Who Awards; Scarab Awards
  • Amanda Greif – Who's Who Awards
  • Jill Guth – Anth/Soc - O/S Lower Division Student
  • Samuel Hardy – Daniel Lew Jazz Band Award; Who's Who Awards
  • Richard Hatch – Past ASACI Treasurer; Who's Who Awards; Admissions - Senior Ambassador(s)
  • Andrew Holesinsky – Who's Who Awards
  • Amanda Holmes – George V. Wolfe Pre-Law Scholarship
  • Jesse Holmes – Who's Who Awards; Nancy C. Hazelwood Award - Sr. Grad. Speaker
  • Anica Hopkins– Art - Nona King Memorial Scholarship
  • Brian Hosefros – Who's Who Awards
  • Liz Hulse– MSTMRI Fellowship
  • Brittany Ireland – Who's Who Awards
  • Benjamin Jarvis– Who's Who Awards
  • Kelsey Jesser – Who's Who Awards
  • Cameron Johnson – Who's Who Awards
  • Scott Johnson – Analytical Physics Award
  • Sidrah Khan – Who's Who Awards
  • Megan Kirtley – Who's Who Awards
  • Lindsay Kline – Bravo Outstanding Opera/Musical Performance
  • Randolph Kline – Outstanding RA Program - Murder Mystery Dinner; Outstanding Piano Student; Who's Who Awards
  • Emir Kobic – INBRE Fellowship
  • Brandon Koomler – Past Outdoor Program Directors
  • Zachary Kopplin – Scarab Awards
  • Rachel Kudrna – Who's Who Awards; Outstanding Senior Biology Major
  • Denyal Landford – Radio Achievement Award
  • Kate Leadbetter – Biology - Dr. William Sype Scholarship
  • William Ledbetter – Outstanding Second Year Student of Spanish
  • Molli E. Lee-Painter – English - Caxton Book Award (Senior); Swisher Memorial Scholarship
  • Christian Low – INBRE Fellowship
  • Clara Madsen – Who's Who Awards; Scarab Awards
  • Brian Manning – Who's Who Awards
  • Angela Marin – Who's Who Awards
  • Justin Martin – INBRE Fellowship
  • Emily Matlock – Who's Who Awards
  • Seth Mattison – Who's Who Awards; Outstanding String Student; Outstanding Senior Music Student; Scarab Awards
  • Dustin Mays – Psychology - Kenneth Mann Scholarship
  • Emily McCutchan – Outstanding RA Program - Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Craig McGee – Who's Who Awards; First Year Calculus Award
  • Lauryn Medeiros – Art - Ken Mann Scholarship
  • Scott Mikelonis– Who's Who Awards
  • Courtney Mitchell – Past Program Council Directors
  • Katysn Moir – Anth/Soc - O/S Lower Division Student
  • Catherine Murphy – Past ASACI Intramural Directors
  • Roderick Murphy – O/Standing Radio Show -Double Scoop
  • Sage Mwiinga – O/S Advisor of the Year
  • Cristian Noya Rada – Outstanding International Student in ESL
  • Adam Nunez – Who's Who Awards; English - Distinction in Literary Studies Award
  • Tamara O'Rourke – Psychology Outstanding Senior Service Award
  • Steven Oswald – Who's Who Awards
  • Sara Packebush – Thomas Shearer Awards, Outstanding Senior Choir Student
  • Cassandra Painter – Who's Who Awards
  • Palmer, Matthew – O/Standing RadioShow Host
  • Edgar (Jude) Penaflor – Abbot Awards
  • Alexander Penrod – Thomas Shearer Awards
  • Robert Powers – Past ASACI President; Who's Who Awards
  • Hanna Prange – Past Program Council Directors; Who's Who Awards; Psychology Outstanding Senior Service Award
  • Alan Price – Radio Achievement Award
  • Ali Rabe – Past ASACI Vice President; Outstanding First Year Student of Spanish
  • Kayce Ramirez – Outstanding Spanish Major
  • Cole Richelieu – Past ASACI Intramural Directors
  • JoDee (Mike) Ridley – Past ASACI Intramural Directors; Who's Who Awards; Best Accounting Students; O/Standing RadioShow Host
  • Jacqueline Rodriguez-Reyes – Biology - Outstanding INBRE Student; Who's Who Awards
  • Jayne Saunders – Past Outdoor Program Directors
  • Katherine Sawaya – Who's Who Awards
  • Garrett Schultz – Who's Who Awards
  • Stella Selden – Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student
  • Erica Sheppard – Who's Who Awards
  • Helen Marie Shockley – Who's Who Awards; O/S Senior Concert Band Student; Outstanding Senior Composition Music Student
  • Ryan Sinfield – Who's Who Awards
  • Anastasia Sittser – Outstanding German Minor Student; Who's Who Awards; Best Business Student; Scarab Awards
  • Steven Slupe – Bravo Outstanding Opera/Musical Performance; Peterson Piano Award
  • Amanda Smith – INBRE Fellowship
  • Colleen Smith – Coyote - Editor's Award
  • Russell Smith – Who's Who Awards
  • Christopher (CJ ) Sower – Past Program Council Directors
  • Paula Spaulding – Who's Who Awards; Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major; Scarab Awards
  • Amber Steele – Theatre - John F. & Grace N. Sollers Memorial Drama Award
  • Alli Straubhar – Anth/Soc - O/S Upper Division Student’
  • Kim Stucker – INBRE Fellowship
  • Jesus Tarifa – Who's Who Awards
  • Cris Tietsort – Thomas Shearer Awards; Who's Who Awards
  • Ruben Torres – Physics-Roger & Mary Higdem Scholarship
  • Alicia Trakas – Who's Who Awards
  • Tegan Troutner – Who's Who Awards
  • Martine Troy – Who's Who Awards
  • Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers – Past Outdoor Program Directors; Thomas Shearer Awards; Coyote - Sr. Award; Outstanding Senior Choir Student
  • Christopher R. Ullery – English - Caxton Book Award (Junior)
  • Vicky Vail – Abbot Awards, Psychology Outstanding Junior
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Valdes – Bio-Patricia Packard Award for Excellence in Botany
  • Kelly Van Cleave – Who's Who Awards
  • Benjamin Verschoor – Who's Who Awards
  • Kira Walker – Best Accounting Students
  • Nicole Watson – Past ASACI Secretary
  • Patrick Watson – Who's Who Awards
  • Seth Watson – Boyd Henry Award for Math Education
  • Jonathan Weese – Outstanding General Chemistry Student
  • Daniel Wenz – Best New Radio Show - Rage & Chill
  • Jeremy West – Biology - Idaho Academy of Science; INBRE Fellowship
  • Jessica Whalen – First Year Calculus Award
  • David White – Who's Who Awards
  • Jessica Wise – Who's Who Awards

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Faculty News

Dayley to contribute to political science encyclopedia

Rob Dayley, associate professor of political economy, has been invited by Congressional Quarterly Press to contribute three, 1,000-word entries to the International Encyclopedia of Political Science.

Professors from over 60 countries are included in the project, which is a comprehensive reference work produced jointly by CQ Press and the American Political Science Association.

The encyclopedia will appear in print and in digital form in 2010. Dayley will contribute entries on Asian political economy, state-led economic development and trade diplomacy.

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Upcoming campus events

International Student Organization food festival today

The International Student Organization will host its food festival on today (Thursday, April 30) at 5:30 p.m. in the Quad.

Entrance is free for C of I students and $5 for others. Dinner combo boxes are available for pre-order by email for $10.

Delicious food from Italy, Sweden, Norway, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Nepal and Iran will be available. There will also be World Fair Workshops that including dancing, tea ceremonies and other traditions from Japan, China, Fiji, Palestine, Rwanda, Nepal and India

Astronomy Day events Saturday

Celebrate Astronomy Day and the International Year of Astronomy at The College of Idaho on Saturday, May 2 at 8 p.m. by participating in an outdoor field activity, watching a brief planetarium show and, weather permitting, viewing the moon, planets and deep space objects through telescopes set up by the college.

The planetarium shows and outdoor viewing will continue until everyone has participated. Dress appropriately for the outdoor activities.

All activities will take place in and near Boone Science Hall. The Whittenberger Planetarium is located in Boone Science Hall near Jewett Auditorium on the corner of 20th Ave. and Fillmore.

This event is free, but donations are gladly accepted. Call JoAnn Bellon at 459-5211 for further information.

Hoover featured in final Foreign Policy Speakers Series of the season

The C of I political economy department presents its final talk in this season’s Foreign Policy Speakers Series on May 8 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Hendren Board Room in Sterry Hall.

The topic is “Realists, Idealists and Me: Reflections of an Old International Relations Professor” by President Bob Hoover. Hoover will reflect on his long career as a specialist on international relations and national security policy. He will speak about U.S. foreign policy and its evolution over recent decades.

Kerry Hunter, professor of political economy and a student of Hoover’s at Utah State University, will introduce his former professor. The presentation is open to The C of I community and the public. For more information, contact Rob Dayley by email or at 459-5333.

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Life after The C of I: Where are we now?

Keep in touch with The C of I by sharing your news with the Alumni Office.

Ron Bitner (‘68) was elected chairman of the Winegrape Growers of America at its annual joint meeting and was featured in an article on the Wines & Vines website. To read the article, click here.

John Reuter (‘06) a Sandpoint city councilman was interviewed and photographed for a story about The Sandpoint Transition Initiative, a new chapter of a growing, worldwide environmental movement, in the New York Times Magazine Green Edition.

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Alumni Events

For more information about the events listed below, call the Alumni Office (208) 459-5770 or email. The C of I Alumni calendar is also available online.

  • SAVE THE DATE – Homecoming 2009 is Sept. 24-27, and includes a history majors reunion hosted by Steve Maughan, Howard Berger, Mark Smith, Mee-Ae Kim and Jeff Snyder-Reinke.

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Jobs at The C of I

Faculty Openings

  • Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor Mathematics
  • Biology Instructor

Staff Openings

  • Major Gifts Officer

For complete job descriptions and application instructions go to http://www.collegeofidaho.edu/jobs.
The College of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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Alumni merchandise available from C of I online bookstore

Alumni merchandise including sweatshirts, license plate frames and school spirit house flags can now be ordered online. Alumni receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases made at the store, online or over the phone. To receive the discount when ordering online or by phone, please contact bookstore manager Mary Brown by email. The license plate frames and house flags pictured must be ordered directly from Mary by phone at 459-5407 or email.

Donations to honor Boyd Henry go to mathematics scholarship

Those who would like to honor professor emeritus Boyd Henry, who died in February can make gifts to the College’s Mathematics Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a student who has financial need and is majoring in math. Contributions to the scholarship can be made online and should be designated for the Mathematics Scholarship.

C of I license plates available

Idaho license plates with The College of Idaho name and logo are sold for $35 the first year they are purchased, which is in addition to the annual vehicle registration fee. They are $25 plus annual fees for each subsequent renewal. The College of Idaho receives $25 from the sale of new plates and $15 from each renewal, which goes to its scholarship and academic programs. Personalized and sample license plates can be ordered online. Non-personalized plates are available at any county auto licensing office in Idaho.

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