Mellon Digital Liberal Arts Project

Engaging Faculty & Students through Digital Liberal Arts

The College of Idaho has received a $100,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to incorporate new digital technologies in teaching and student-faculty research. The “digital liberal arts” (DLA) Project offers a compelling opportunity to help strengthen our PEAK Curriculum and enrich faculty perspectives on the liberal arts.

The primary focus of this two-year initiative is on helping faculty launch new technology-rich courses and course elements through training, collaborations, and small grants for exploration, research, and development.

 Workshops, travel grants, and innovation grants begin in May 2016. To help faculty make the most of these opportunities, this document summarizes the DLA Project and includes a call for proposals from individual faculty or faculty teams.


We invite a wide range of proposals for support through the DLA Project. All full-time faculty are eligible to submit grant proposals that incorporate digital technologies to enhance student learning in the liberal arts, broadly defined. Faculty partnerships and collaborations across disciplinary areas are also encouraged. Please refer to the application form for specific items to be addressed in the application for DLA funding. The Foundation’s goal for this grant is to strengthen our curriculum as a whole by developing faculty capacity to incorporate new digital technologies in teaching and student-faculty research; the Foundation is especially interested in strengthening the fine arts, humanities, humanistic social sciences, and interdisciplinary environmental studies.


Good repositories for DLA Projects 

 Upcoming Workshops

    Instructions and application form

Please note that the application form has been revised (8.10.2016), and it is now an Adobe-compatible fillable form.

Application for funds -revised Aug 2016:
Digital Liberal Arts Guidelines.pdf: