Corbiculacea of North America

This key was developed by Dr. Gerald L. Mackie as a poster. It arrived at the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History (The College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID) after a request for help in learning how to identify Sphaerids was made to a few friends. Several people suggested Dr. Mackie, I contacted him and received lots of assistance. Unbeknownst to me, he was completing the identification poster. He sent it to a friend, who sent it to a friend which happened to be one of the people I originally sought out for help, who sent it to me. I printed the poster and hung it in the lab above my work area so it would be easy to use.

I decided to convert the poster into a web page so that I could add additional information on Sphaerids and incorporate photos of the species turning up in my material. All of the key logic belongs to Dr. Mackie; my additions are on the species pages. Needless to say, any errors made in converting the poster to a web page are mine. All photos within the key are by Dr. Mackie. He holds the copyright on them and the key. Please use them elsewhere only with his express permission. Photos in the Additional Information section on each species page are by John Keebaugh. I hold the copyright; you must ask for permission to use them elsewhere. You may download the original poster (caution: poster is a large Powerpoint file, ~4MB).